Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

An interesting place for your kids to explore this season might the Art Science Museum. With it’s main showcase “Mummy: Secrets of the tomb”, your whole family will be in for an interesting journey into Egyptian History and culture.

Enter the Swanking New Age Museum, and you will discover a 3000 year old mummy, where you will find out about the Mummification process, and the ancient Egyptian Burial process.

mummy art science museum

My kids did not know what they were in for, as all they knew about “Mummies” was the one they saw in Hollywood and of course, their mummy dearest. However, you will be glad to know that they were not bored.

Yes! Like most parents, I don’t doubt the content of what you can find in this museum, as the exhibits are from the British Museum and worth their weight in Gold. However, will kids like the museum?

Well, there is good news as there are activities for the kids!

The Museum has a special Kids activity pack, that will keep the kids entertained as they discover the ancient secrets of Egypt. Activity packs are thoughtfully segregated into 2 age groups (For kids under 6 and Kids under 12yo). My kids had great fun fulfilling each task, and learning about Egypt at the same time.  Unfortunately, the Museum does not allow photos, and therefore I can’t show you the stuff they had to do, but the videos enclosed do give you a rough idea about the layout of the Museum.

We also managed to make it to the Museum at the right time.

On Weekends, there is a “Amulets making” workshop (Sat- 12 to 1pm) and a “Secrets of Embalming”  workshop (Sun- 5pm to 6pm), where kids and parents can actively engage in learning something new. We were there for the Amulets making workshop, and the kids loved having fun with clay and paint, and making their own magic amulets.

There are also other workshops (Hieroglyphs and characters, Ancient Scents) on selected weeks, so do check the dates and timings here

So I would definitely recommend that you time your visit, according to these Workshop timings!

For the adults, there is a host of things to learn!

The moment you enter the Museum, you will all be treated to a 3D documentary about the Secret of the Mummy. You will discover how they embalm the body, and remove the vital organs of the deceased. Definitely interesting, and lots of things to learn no matter what age group you are in!

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