Moscow Circus Review

The circus is in town! All our memories of the circus are a little cloudy (cos of age and cos it’s been quite a while!). When we heard the Great Moscow Circus is back in S’pore, we told the kids and everyone was excited to catch the show.

Moscow circus

Would there be lions? How about clowns? And the acrobats? And the strange people in The Greatest Showman? These were the questions the kids kept asking us… And we only knew one thing for sure. No Animals! The Moscow Circus was a humans only show and it promises to be a super entertaining show!

On the actual day, the atmosphere was electifying as we entered the showgrounds. Fun music was in the air (the danceable kind, or the kind u can easily tap your foot to), people were holding popcorn and candyfloss, families taking photos with the huge showpiece boards. It was Circus time!

circus fun

In the Big Top, we realised it wasn’t a very large set up. This ensured everyone gets to see the performance up close and it made us more excited! We won’t miss that trick or that stunt!

Great views at the Moscow Circus

This is one of the plus points of visiting the Moscow Circus!  We have been to other productions and for an average priced ticket, you are actually seated quite far from the performance.

At the Moscow Circus, where the Big Top is not that big, so one is actually quite near the action.  This is a plus point for splurging on the tickets, as the kids will be very near ringside.

What can I expect at the Circus?

When the show started, the very Russian sounding ringmaster steered the entire program so easily. His loud booming voice, his hilarious jokes and his very showy introduction got us all leaning our bodies forward to try catch any first glimpse. You see, the live band made a huge difference too! They played well and hard to stir our emotions… From excitement to fear to laughter to big relief!

First up was the Trampoline act. I personally loved the precision of the entire act, where the guys coordinated themselves as they threw themselves down the mini tower onto the trampoline. With razor sharp precision, everyone was entertained, as the crew brought the fun factor with their performance.

russian circus

In my book, the best act of the night were the “Wheels of Death!” Actually, I don’t really know what the performance is actually called, but the wheels were laden with such death-defying moments, that I thought this was the best name for the act.

Moscow wheel

Everyone in the family enjoyed this act and the screams resonated throughout the Big Top! My kids (and wife) screamed so loud but no one knew cos everyone else screamed! The dare devil stunts were jaw dropping… And it didn’t help when the performers will grin wildly after each stunt!

The performers definitely enjoyed staring death in the eye and we enjoyed them tremendously! 🙂

moscow wheelmoscow circus wheelEvery act would be followed by some clowning moments. Initially, I did find it a bit lame (in my teen’s lungi) but these clowns were hugely entertaining. It’s impossible to remain stoic during their performance. On this note, I must say I was very surprised now sporting our fellow Singaporeans were that night! They were all so willing to dance and somersault at the command of the ringmaster! circus stunts

There were two acts from the America’s Got Talent series. And they didn’t fail to disappoint.First up was like a magic dress which would keep on changing style and fashion with every turn. There were so much “WoW” moments for show (omg how did she do that?) that everyone spontaneously broke into applause. Together with the Juggler who can just about juggle anything you throw at him, as he balances in the most precarious position, you can definitely say that we were entertained!

circus juggler

Our conclusion for our circus night? Definitely entertaining! If you want some good clean family entertainment, this is the Circus for you! Do check out the Great Moscow Circus at Marina Bay Sands (Do make sure that the younger kids have a good long nap in the afternoon cos the show ends past 10)

kids circus

Great Moscow Circus 

Event Date
25 Oct – 2 Dec 2018
Tue – Fri: 4pm & 7.30pm
Sat: 12pm, 4pm & 7.30pm
Sun: 11am, 3pm & 6.30pm
Public Holiday: 12pm & 4pmTickets on sales at the usual SISTIC outlet

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