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With Men and Women getting more concerned about their skin, it is common for us to go for Facials! Just last week, I was invited by “Miss Paris and Dandy House” to their Takashimaya Outlet to try out their Face Slimming Massage, and it was truly a memorable experience.

As I have not been to Japan myself, I am unfamiliar with what  “Miss Paris and Dandy House can offer.  In fact, Miss Paris refers to treatments for women and Dandy House for men. With more than 130 outlets in Japan and  an International Presence in China and Hong Kong, the opening of it’s Singapore outlet has been much anticipated by their loyal patrons.

dandy house beauty spa

As a lover of Japanese food and culture, I was very much looking forward to my beauty treatment at Dandy House. Well, if you love to be pampered when you go for a facial, the Japanese do not disappoint! In order to ensure that Japanese hospitality is brought down to their Singapore outlets, Dandy House, goes out of it’s way to bring down their Japanese managers and therapists. This make the whole experience even more enriching, as when I heard them conversing in Japanese, it was like watching your favourite Japanese Drama come to life! Smile

Check out the waiting room and powder room, where I hung out before my treatment. They also have couples room, where husband and wife can do their treatments together.

miss paris dandy

The X Factor about the beauty treatment, is that Japanese facials involve a lot of hand massage. The treatment utilises a special hand massage that works deep into your skin to lift your face contour and improve the vitality of your skin, leaving you with a svelte and well-contoured face. There were No machines being used at all, as I am sure that many of us are used to those “Sucking Machines” that removes black heads, or laser treatments that kill bacteria.

Here are some shots of my treatment! Parental Guidance is advised…

Get ready, as you are NOT going to see any skinny girls in Bikinis, or any hot-ripping muscles from Arnold Schwarzenegger, but instead…a middle aged man with a double chin! Smile

facial therapist

lifting facial contours

After about 10-15 minutes of Facial Massage, my Japanese therapist handed me a mirror to check my facial contours. The treatment will lift your cheekbones and facial contours.

facial treatment

What I love about the Facial?

I love the creams and masks which they applied on me. They were very cooling, and every cream seemed to have a very visible and tactile effect on my skin. I could feel every element of the creams “doing its work” on my skin.

The Japanese therapist further applied this special “smoothing cream” on my face which left my skin baby smooth for 2 days. Quite a nice feeling, especially when my face is bit littered with acne scars.

The Best thing about the facial was the service. The Japanese are renowned for their service and they lived up to their reputation. They were always looking into the small details to make one feel comfortable. For example, when they gave me a bathrobe, it was heated, so I would not feel cold. There were lockers for me to put my stuff, and the powder room was well stocked. It felt like I was walking into a 5 star hotel, as I slept through my facial.  And Not forgetting the fact, that they are always bowing…makes you feel like you are in Japan! Smile

Here are my New Japanese Friends! Smile

miss paris beauty spa

The Good News is that they are having a Promotional Price for their Treatments!

For just $88, you can bring your loved one for a 60 min Slimming Massage (U.P $270), or a 90min Signature Triple Burn treatment (U.P $380). Check out the review of the Triple Burn treatment which will help you to lose weight here.

This is a Great Price to try out the treatments for yourself, and to experience some intense Japanese Culture. This Promotional Price is only for 1st time customers, and up to 31 March 2014.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this will be a great place to bring your partner, and to experience something together! Smile

To make a booking and to find out other treatments that are on offer, do check out the Dandy House Website.

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