Marina Bay Carnival

Something exciting is brewing in Singapore, as the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival  will be part of the Marina Bay Skyline from now till April 1, 2018. With rides to cater to kids and adults, the Marina Carnival is set to rock the hearts of Singaporeans for the next few months. From death defying rides to food and family friendly game booths, this family carnival has something for everyone! And everyone will be glad to know, that entry is FREE! Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

If you are looking for a different way to celebrate Christmas or a fun way to countdown to 2018, head on down to the Marina Bay Carnival. Occupying a space larger than 3 football fields, the carnival is broken into 2 areas. For the fun thrill rides, you will need to head to the carnival located next to Marina Bay Sands. If you have your kids with you, head on down to the area next to Customs house or the NTUC building.  For the food and game booths, you will be glad to know that they are located at both areas.

marinabay carnvial

Kids who are not afraid of heights can try the Star Flyer – a carousel in which riders’ legs dangle as they spin 35m above the ground. It definitely promises great views of the Marina Bay Carnival area.

Marina Carnival

As you can see, my family had great fun at the game booths. Although entry is Free, the game and rides start from $4 and can go up $10 per ride.  For the rollercoasters and the Mach 5 rider, which is very scary… do proceed to the carnival area located next to Marina Bay Sands.  Rides are not cheap but the thrills are definitely there for the brave!

The Mach 5 will be the most expensive ride of the night. At $14 per pop, the ride jets off 55 metres up the air at speeds of 96km/hour, spinning clockwise and counterclockwise. This ride will definitely mis-orientate riders and it is no wonder that you only hear screams at the first few turns … after a while, the riders are out-of breath!

Tips for Parents

If you are looking to win a prize for your kid , the  best bet for a prize would be the bowling, baseball or the fishing game. Forget about the game where you are given a bucket full of hoops and you need to toss it into a bottle neck. This game involves pure chance, and we were unsuccessful even after 5 buckets … (You can see us playing the game in the video).

My kids were definitely beaming when I managed to win them some items. The good thing is that the games are easy to play and even my youngest managed to win something  (Naturally, after a few attempts).

Marina Bay Carnival

But the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is certainly a fun event for the family and even for bringing your date. With the upcoming Christmas Day holiday and the New Year’s Day countdown, Singapore will not be boring on December 31, 2017…

One can pre-order your credits for your outing and get discounts off your food bundle at Marina Bay Carnival.


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