Coding Class for Kids

The school holidays are here and the kids are looking for something constructive to occupy their time. Rather than letting Nathan watch TV all day, I sent him for a Coding Class for Kids. Organized by “Today got Class”, in partnership with Make and Kids Code, this class aims to expose kids to the world of IT programming.

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Like many parents who do not work in the IT industry, I have practically no knowledge about Coding. However, with technology moving so fast, I believe that knowledge about Coding will definitely be good exposure for the kids. At this 3 day non-residential camp, the kids learnt about coding and IT in a fun relaxed environment. With an easy drop-off and pick-up schedule for parents, the coding camp sounds like a winning combination for all parents.

Here is a brief run-down of the Coding Class for Kids

All boys love cars and on Day 1, they learnt how to make a cardboard car with hybrid
propulsion! Although Nathan had difficulty using a bench drill, but with the close supervision of the teachers, he used hot glue guns to create a rubberband and balloon powered car.

Through practical application, kids also learnt about drag and resistance.  With the balloon powered cars, they realized that big balloons increased drag and resistance.  Some also
experimented with wheel add-ons to increased friction and grip.

On Day 2, the kids were further challenged as they learnt to code with the ever popular Micro:bit – using the Microsoft Block Editor. Programming concepts of “If. Then. Else”, “Variables”, “Accelerometer”, “Sprite”, and “Transmitter” – Children created a “Tic Tac Toe” game. Check out a quick summary in the video below:

On Day 3, training providers MAKE an KIDSCODE taught the kids about context, purpose and integration. Putting together all  the skills and knowledge learnt from the first 2 days, the kids learnt to work together as a team and formed teams to create a remote-controlled cardboard car. Applying their understanding of wheel sizes, friction and weight distribution, the micro:bit controllers were used to power and control the car.

And the grand finale was a visit to a global tech company where participants learnt  to create a movie.  In teams, the kids put together a 1 minute clip within an hour, as they worked on the entire concept by themselves.

Was Coding Camp Fun?

Yes! Nathan definitely enjoyed the class! There were game, friends and many new things to be learnt. I must say that the camp made the holiday more fruitful for Nathan, rather than lazing around the house.

The convenience of a central location, also made it easy for Mum and Dad to pick Nathan up, even if we were slightly delayed at the office. Many thanks to the teachers at camp which made the whole coding experience fun for the kids! 🙂

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