Seoul Tower

One of the tourist attractions that you will find in Seoul Korea is the Seoul Tower.

A top tourist question that people will ask: Is the tower worth visiting?


Well, if are a tourist in Singapore: Should you look for the Merlion and take pictures around the vicinity?

If your answer is YES

Then, you will put the Seoul Tower into the category of “Things that you should do”, when you are in Korea.


One of the Plus points about visiting the tower, is that you will get breathtaking views of the city.


IMHO, the city is even more beautiful in winter, as the snow capped trees and houses, are a real sight for a Singaporean like myself.


The tower stands at 236m and it is shorter than other more renowned towers like the Eiffel Tower. Tickets are not too expensive – Costing about 7000won for an adult ticket. At today’s conversion, this will be only be about Sing 8 Dollars.

A real negative point about the tower is the climb up to the base of the tower.


The buses are not allowed up to the base and it was a really steep climb up to the base of the tower. With the wind blowing into our faces, many of us were really shivering in the cold, as we made our way up the hill.  Despite the cold, we still saw joggers running up the hill in just jogging shorts!





Seoul Tower is really worth the while!

But if shopping is your cup of tea, Dongdaemun market might be much more interesting to you!

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