Dongdaemun Market

Traditionally whenever I go to Korea, Dongdaemun market is a place that I will go to buy clothes.


dongdaemun collage

The malls in Dongdaemun open from 10.30 a.m. to 5 a.m., so this place practically doesn’t sleep if you go shopping at night.

The best thing about the clothes there is that the designs are really modern and very Japanese. Unfortunately, I did not buy much this time round, as they were mostly selling thick winter wear.

Dongdaemun was even more exciting this time round, as I went to the Toys and Stationary wholesale market.

We took the Metro to Dongdaemun Station, and we proceeded to exit 4.

Walking down about 25m, we turned right and we were greeted by many toy stores.





This is the harvest from our day out at the market. We got all these toys from $8-$15 each.

This arsenal of toys was essential for our trip back home, as Nicole was calling everyday and asking what we got for her.

We only managed to get her to stop calling, when she found out that we bought her Princess Shoes and something from Cinderella 🙂


This is Nicole in her little outfit!!!

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