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Laptops and Tablets are essential components of every student and young executive. When they are standing alone, they don’t weigh much. However,  after putting these electronic gizmos into our bags, and commuting with them all around town, their weight begins to show. Most of us do feel the weight of these gadgets at the end of a long day and that is why, it is important for us to get a good padded backpack that protects our tired backs.

Introducing the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack! This backpack combines all qualities required to securely store and protect for both work and leisure.

Targus citilite

As most of our backpacks contain many expensive items, the Safety lock anti-theft puller system is a very important feature for the everyday user. When we are on travel and business trips, our backpacks are always strapped on our backs. Entering cities which have a reputation for pickpockets, we become fearful that thieves will open our backpacks and help themselves to our tablets. Discerning travellers will therefore shift the backpacks to their fronts, when they enter a crowded alley. However, with the safety lock system, our fears are lessened, as Targus has made their backpacks for the consumer! Smile

Outdoor travellers will love the fact that Targus backpacks come with weatherproof protection. Its durable exterior material and wear and water-resistant bottom can sustain the most demanding journeys. Further built with Quick access pockets, one can have easy access to all your essential name cards, thumb drives and other important items, with each quick access zip.

And my personal favourite PLUS point about Targus Backpacks is the Limited Lifetime Warranty that comes with every bag. This means that if the zipper is ripped, or the seams become torn, all you need to do is to head back to the Targus shop, and you can get a 1 for 1 exchange.  This means a brand new backpack for an old one. This offer is only Limited, as it works as long as the backpack is still in stock.


And Yes! We have Good News! We are hosting a Giveaway for the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack

They are Giving away 3 of these backpacks to 3 readers who does the following:

1. Comment on this blog post, and tell us what you like about the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack ?

2. Join and LIKE the ED Unloaded Facebook Page and Mums the Word Facebook Page.

3. Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall with the Caption “Get a FREE Targus Backpack” (Do ensure that you TAG me or Ed Unloaded, so that I know that you are joining this contest.)

For those who are new to the process, just copy the link below and Paste it on your FB Wall. Do Remember to add the Caption.

The Giveaway ends on 1 May 2014 at 2359 hrs. (Editors decision on Winners are final)


Many thanks to everyone for joining in our Targus Giveaway.

The results are out! And the Winners are:

1. Edmund Ong

2. Gary Sim

3. Kia Yin

Hope to see everyone back at our next Giveaway. _________________________________________________

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