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Laptops and Tablets are essential components of every student and young executive. When they are standing alone, they don’t weigh much. However,  after putting these electronic gizmos into our bags, and commuting with them all around town, their weight begins to show. Most of us do feel the weight of these gadgets at the end of a long day and that is why, it is important for us to get a good padded backpack that protects our tired backs.

Introducing the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack! This backpack combines all qualities required to securely store and protect for both work and leisure.

Targus citilite

As most of our backpacks contain many expensive items, the Safety lock anti-theft puller system is a very important feature for the everyday user. When we are on travel and business trips, our backpacks are always strapped on our backs. Entering cities which have a reputation for pickpockets, we become fearful that thieves will open our backpacks and help themselves to our tablets. Discerning travellers will therefore shift the backpacks to their fronts, when they enter a crowded alley. However, with the safety lock system, our fears are lessened, as Targus has made their backpacks for the consumer! Smile

Outdoor travellers will love the fact that Targus backpacks come with weatherproof protection. Its durable exterior material and wear and water-resistant bottom can sustain the most demanding journeys. Further built with Quick access pockets, one can have easy access to all your essential name cards, thumb drives and other important items, with each quick access zip.

And my personal favourite PLUS point about Targus Backpacks is the Limited Lifetime Warranty that comes with every bag. This means that if the zipper is ripped, or the seams become torn, all you need to do is to head back to the Targus shop, and you can get a 1 for 1 exchange.  This means a brand new backpack for an old one. This offer is only Limited, as it works as long as the backpack is still in stock.


And Yes! We have Good News! We are hosting a Giveaway for the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack

They are Giving away 3 of these backpacks to 3 readers who does the following:

1. Comment on this blog post, and tell us what you like about the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack ?

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3. Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall with the Caption “Get a FREE Targus Backpack” (Do ensure that you TAG me or Ed Unloaded, so that I know that you are joining this contest.)

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The Giveaway ends on 1 May 2014 at 2359 hrs. (Editors decision on Winners are final)


Many thanks to everyone for joining in our Targus Giveaway.

The results are out! And the Winners are:

1. Edmund Ong

2. Gary Sim

3. Kia Yin

Hope to see everyone back at our next Giveaway. _________________________________________________

37 Responses

  1. As of all of Targus’s products; Durable and reliable + LIFETIME warranty! Thats full security – both bag and I.

  2. Michelle Ong

    These are the features that I liked about the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack:

    1) the safety lock anti-theft puller system (don’t need to worry about items being stolen)

    2)water-resistant bottom (good for rough bag handlers like me who doesn’t look where I ‘dump’ my bag)

    3)built-in detachable rain cover (perfect for sudden heavy downpour)

  3. ashmika Jain

    Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack’s the Safety lock anti-theft puller system sounds really awesome..I need to travel a lot…My back pack not only carry my electronic gadgets but also my travel documents, foreign currency & important papers..I always afraid about the thieves …Wow what a relief…
    Weatherproof protection come as a cherry on the cake..


  4. I hv 2 Targus bag , both are good and durable. But when I read of ur post on the Targus CityLite Ii Ultra backpack I can’t help to say surely believe this is another signture Targus bag with so many plus point on a backpack. 1. Safety lock anti theft. 2. Water resistance . 3. The outlook of the bag is pretty cool. Can be use for both formal and casual. 4. Lifetime warranty. 5. Targus bag are light and easily to carry. 6. Many compartments within a bag… Love it… Must hv bag ….

  5. Lawrence Tan

    Protection from Water
    Protection from thieves
    Protection from Hassle of digging name cards
    Protection from defects

    What else can I say? an Amazing Targus Bag that heavy laptops-holder will love!!


    These are the features that I liked about the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack:

    1) Safety
    The safety lock anti-theft puller system

    2)Weather Proof
    Water-resistant bottom coupled with all access pockets to all essentials in the bag

    3)1 for 1 Exchange
    U can get a new one during warranty period as long as that model is available … Cool!

  7. Jack Chen

    I like the Targus bag because as a new father-to-be the 3 most important criteria for a bag are:
    1. Durable
    2. Light
    3. Water Resistant
    The Targus Citylite II Ultra backpack fits it all :)

  8. Love the design and the anti thief feature Best of all lifetime warranty .. That is a promise that others bag suppliers should have

  9. Jack Chen

    I Like the Targus bag because as a father-to-be, the 3 most important criteria for my bag selections are:
    1. Durable
    2. Light
    3. Water Resistant
    The Targus Citylite II Ultra Backpack fits it all =)

  10. I like about Targus Backpack safety lock anti-theft puller system.

  11. Raymond Lum Yun Hoe

    what i like about the bag is that it is weatherproof and it has limited lifetime warranty, shows how much quality they put in on their worksmanship

  12. Loh JingRong

    I like the good padding which provide support and less strenuous to our back. remind me of my baby carrier hahaha.
    and also like the Safety lock anti-theft system which make us less weary as we now know that our belongings will be kept safe. No longer have to stop and check if our bags have been pickpocketed.

  13. jaime chan

    anti theft puller system is a welcome feature for a bag that contains many valuables. when my family is on travel mode, we sometimes swap the diaper bag for a back pack so that we dont fumble and lose out stuff

  14. Krystne Ter

    It come with waterproof protection and lifetime warrantym

  15. Carol Lim

    Love the limited lifetime warranty too. It shows their confidence in their products!

  16. Teo Yee Long

    Safety lock anti-theft puller system is such a cool feature! Now I don’t have to worry about pickpockets when I’m overseas.

  17. Targus backpack is a must for every working person with a laptop!
    It’s light and it contains a whole lot of stuffs and it doesn’t strain your back.
    I’ve used to have 1 till it broke 10 years after heavy usage.
    I’d love to win this for my husband as a anniversary gift. His samsonite backpack is giving him a hunchback.

  18. Amie Chen

    It’s light and durable and best part is it has lifetime warranty. What else can we ask for?

  19. Vincent Lee

    Limited Lifetime Warranty that is what i like

  20. Durable and water-resistant. Time for a new bag!

  21. The ease and flexibility of use is awesome! This is perfect for our travels :)

  22. Andrew Wong

    It’s durable & light. My all time favourite bag!

  23. I just started work awhile ago and I have always been looking for the a bag that is going to be perfect for my job. I meet clients frequently and have to carry my laptop along with all my gadgets and documents. I have tried several brands of bags but they can’t match up with design and comfort.

    When I first Set my eyes on the targus citylite I I ultra backpack, I loved the idea of the modern and professional design of it. The perfect bag to be able to take the weight of my documents and gadgets but yet suitable for a working professional. It’s weatherproof and anti theft would mean that I will never have to switch bags whenever wherever I go. I can safely travel to places and be rest assured that I will always have enough storage and they are always safe in my bag.

    Quick access is always another superb important point as big bags usually have a big compartment but everything is in a mess inside. I can’t find my devices or name cards inside the jungle. The quick access would prove to be another wonderful design of the bag.

    With the warranty that it provides it will also assure me that despite reviews commenting that it is durable and lasting, the company will always be there if I need their support for their products.

    I hope I win the bag as it would really benefit me and I look forward to own a Targus. (:

  24. Robert Sim

    Targus is a name synonymous with sturdy, durable, quality bags and accessories, without adding on bulk. This new backpack model is no different.

  25. Serene Leow

    Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack’s the Safety lock anti-theft puller system makes me feel secure with having my backpack on my back. Water-resistant is important for me as well as I am constantly worry about water leaking from my kids water bottles as they do not close it tight. Life time warranty – Targus must be very confident of their product to have such a benefit for their customers! I wish to own this lightweight and durable backpack! :)

  26. Arsheitha Ganesan

    I love the safety lock anti -theft puller system.Wow, such a safe bag for the travel on the go.A good choice and we need not fear about pick pockets and thieves.I also love that Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack is lightweight and water proof and has warranty.

  27. Edmund Ong Kiat Ho

    Targus Citylite II Ultra is Light and tough. With the current peak hr situation in the train, very rare will one get a seat. having a backpack that’s comfortable and securing the laptop is of paramount importance.

    With Targus, my precious’s safe.

  28. Joeanne Shim

    I also like Lifetime Warranty! I feel that the fact that they dare to offer this is a show of their confidence on the durability of their product!

  29. Frandy Goh

    anti theft system and limited lifetime warranty! Hell yeah! i wanna get one for my laptop bag!

  30. In this period of unpredictable weather, the weatherproof-ness of this will definitely be a godsend. Plus the fact, if you always have kids around (like me), it can protect my gear from their accidental spills!
    And the limited lifetime warranty can also be a great buffer against the kids’ accidents to the bag!!

  31. I love the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack because it is light, durable and weather proof (rain or shine). It also has the anti theft puller system which will be an advantage for me when I am travel overseas. I can also use it everyday to office and also to bring it for house visitations when I visit the little ones weekly. Also, I do not need to worry if the documents/files will be drenched when I am out in the rain. It is also my favourite colour, Black! Thank you

  32. Torance Paul

    I love The Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack because…
    of the adjustable strap ensures the most secure fit to any laptop size !
    and needless to say the backpack is hard-wearing and offers weatherproof protection!

    and most of all I guess the best part is that
    It has a Limited Lifetime Warranty ! 1 for 1 exchange is a good deal !

  33. Targus Citylife II Ultra Backpack has all the qualities I am looking for in an ideal backpack! Always wanted a Targus!

    T – Tough
    A – All-rounded (caters to every need)
    R – Rainproof/Waterproof
    G – Gadget-friendly
    U – Utility;Useful (in many ways)
    S – (Super) Secure

  34. I am looking for a bag that is functional, stylish and still comfortable to wear then I would choose the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack. This bag is sturdy, well designed and capable of storing so much more than just my laptop. If I pick up this bag, I will not only be getting a great laptop bag that will keep my computer safe, but I will also get a fully functioning backpack that I can use for all sorts of things.

    Targus is known for making sturdy backpacks for an inexpensive price that will outlast most of the other brands. This bag was the perfect combination of what I needed.

    I feel comfortable traveling through “any crowded venue” knowing my bag is secure with the Safety lock anti-theft puller system and that it sends the message that I’m unwilling to be ‘victimized’. This is really good when you taking MRT which is pack like sardine during rush hours.

    The limited lifetime warranty is also great, because in case of any defects, Targus makes sure I get my money’s worth.

    Last obviously durability was important. I definitely didn’t want a flimsy nylon bag. The materials used by Targus look and feels durable. I like the water resistant bottom. Something that was missing from my old backpack. Due to unpredictable rain in Singapore, this is really useful.

  35. Chin Wei Li

    This will be a great gift for my husband as his current Targus bag just gave way. Targus is our favourite! Looks great, trendy & durable!

  36. Xgg Chan

    It is fashion meets technology for the Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack. I fell in love at first sight with this well designed, elegant yet functional storage for my laptop, tablet and personal items. I love the Safety lock anti-theft puller system, the weatherproof protection and the Limited Lifetime Warranty best. They are all very important features for me to consider when choosing a backpack. As I need to travel overseas frequently for work, traveling light and safe is my priority, and I think this backpack is designed with that in mind…Minimalistic, elegant, practical and robust.

  37. Kaye Wong

    Like Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack for its safety lock anti-theft puller system, durable and water-resistant :-)

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