Children’s Theatre: Jewels in the Tale


Children’s theatre  is a great way for kids to learn about speech and drama. Through stories, imagination is encouraged, as they are introduced to the Arts in a fun way. iTheatre is back this August with another production, that will stimulate the senses of our children. Catch “Jewels in the tale” at the Alliance Francise theatre, for an engaging production that will captivate the hearts of all our little ones.

jewels in the tale

Recommended for all ages 4 and above

Jewels in the tale is a production  that features tales from all over South East Asia. The production brings together stories such as The Crane’s Gratitude from Japan, Tenali Raman and the Three Thieves from India, and The Four Dragons, from China, amongst others.

Each tale is told in a different style of elements of Japanese Noh, Classical Indian Dance. With energetic physical theatre, masks and puppetry, color and music, this drama will enthrall and entertain both young and old alike,

If you are tired of “Tablet Time” or just shopping at the mall, this is a production that will provide your family with some fruitful family time.

Jewels in the tale will be running from 17-30 August, and from 10-12 September.

To find out more about this production, do visit iTheatre. 

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