Things to do before your flight

The next time you check-in at Changi Airport for your family vacation, think about checking in early!

Besides the restaurants and retail shops, there are actually tons of things to do within the transit area, and this is super important, as it would be great to get the kids all tired out…so that they will just sleep through those dreaded long haul flights to Europe or to the States.

Recently, the whole family was invited on a Bloggers’ Family Tour of Changi Airport, and we were surprised at the many child friendly attractions within the Airport.

Check out the playground which I discovered in Terminal 2 (Transit Area)

airport playground

The kids loved the slides, and if they get bored, there is a TV room which screens cartoons, complete with diaper changing areas and nursing rooms as well!

Changi playground collage

For all those nature lovers out there, there is something for you as well! Check out the Sunflower Garden, Butterfly Garden and Koi Pond with feeding times.

sunfsunflower  garden Butterfly Garden 01


koi pond


Changi Airport is also the only Airport in the World with its own Hard Rock Cafe.

hard rock cafe

However, if u are not travelling in the near future, there are also things to do at the airport outside the transit area, that are easy assessed by the non-travelling public.

The inflatables are back, and your kids can play there if you make any purchases at the Airport.

Changi inflatables

The kids also had fun at the Kids Painting Corner found at Terminal 3 (B3)

fun art


fun art collage

candy empire

One of the highlights of the Tour was our visit to Candy Empire. Besides selling great tasting chocolates and candies, the shop was also generous with the kids. Every child was given a bag, and allowed to choose as many sweets as the child wanted! I wanted to do that too!

candy riot

It made the kids smile, and I think it would make a great idea for a Party as well! 🙂 Get to choose what you want in your goody bag, by giving the kids the freedom to choose their candies! I am sure that it will be a hit with the kids!

Check out the kids with their loot! 🙂

kids with sweets


One of the latest attractions at Changi Airport in T3 in “Sing Kids”


The latest playground which offers many varied obstacles had long queues, as many kids were there to out the latest attraction. Opening from 11am to 11pm, it offers fun and excitement to the kids, till late in the night.

Nadine just loved the mini race course, as she “held her own” against her older siblings! 🙂


singkids playground

Overall, the kids had great fun and even Daddy was tired out after the day’s activities. A big thumbs up to Ivan, Melvin and Yvonne for hosting us on the tour of Changi Airport.

If you really get to do all these activities before you board the plane, I can guarantee that your kids will be sleeping all the way to London! 🙂

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