Singapore Food Trail

If you are looking for a great new place to eat, you have got to head down to the Singapore Flyer!

No…I am not talking about eating at “Popeye’s” Chicken, but you have got to try out the new food court at the flyer.

singapore food trail

Called the “Singapore Food Trail”, it has a host of shops featuring Singapore Hawker food…and the best thing about the food…is that it is yummy!

singapore trishaw

Decorated with really “cool” decorations from the 1960s, the food court brings you back to the past…even the kids were fascinated by the decorations! 🙂

food trail collage



The best thing was that even the floor and walls were not spared. The minute details of street hawker stalls were looked into, as the food court had double yellow lines (to signify a road)…

double yellow lines


A Kachang Puteh man to bring back good childhood memories…

kachang puteh

No details were spared, as even the drinks came in glass bottles. To complete the package, beverages were served in a gigantic mug with the chinese character  “Xi” written on it…I could not help but feel Nostalgic…

glass bottles

Needless to say, Nathan did not really care much about the mugs…He was just focused on drinking his Coke!


And of course…eating his gigantic Fish Balls

fish balls

There are not many stalls here, but just enough for you to sample most of Singapore’s Local Food fare. You have got to try the Rojak and Beef Noodles – which had extremely tasty soup! 🙂

Prices of food

Although food prices were clearly displayed, I suspect that rental for the stalls were really high…

My wife went to order chicken rice, and instead of giving my wife an option, the stall holder immediately charged her the higher price!

She had to clarify that she wanted the smaller dish for the kids…and the hawker agreed reluctantly…

chicken rice

Amazingly they even tried to pull a “fast one” on the locals!

Do we look Ang-Moh to YOU?!?

(What’s more – was that the chicken rice was forgettable, so don’t bother about ordering chicken rice when you go. You would have tasted much better elsewhere…)

singapore flyer






On the whole, this is definitely a place worth visiting…especially when you are always on the lookout for new places to go with your family! 🙂

Best of all – Prices are reasonable, considering that it is at a Tourist Hot Spot. You will enjoy the food here more than going to Marina Bay Sands 🙂

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