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Sentosa used to be just about the beach, the Musical Fountain, the Surrender Chambesr and Cable Cars. Well…Not any more!!!

Currently, there are so many attractions at Sentosa, that when we brought the kids there for a family outing and we all enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Sentosa Play Pass 1 Pass 1 Price

From outdoor attractions to indoor attractions, Sentosa has a varied line-up for the whole family. And the Good news is that, Sentosa is offering a Day Pass, that offers entry to 13 attractions at a bargain price!

Sentosa Play Pass 1 Pass 1 Price 13 attractions

Paying for these attractions individually would cost a “bomb”, as tickets to any attraction starts from $8 onwards. The advantage of the Day Pass, is that it offers entry to 13 attractions at a price of $63.90 on weekdays and $69.90 on weekends!

Sentosa Play Pass Day play pass noon play pass price

This means great savings for the whole family!

Even though I have been residing in Singapore for close to 4 decades (Yes! I am not getting any younger),  I have not personally been to most of these attractions before.

The Day Pass therefore offered the whole family a great opportunity to explore the whole Island at an affordable price.

Here are the activities that we tried out!

1. Sentosa Luge

kids at luge

This is a “Die-Die must do” activity when you are in Sentosa. It is not just fun for the kids, but fun for the adults as well! Best of all, kids from as young as 3 can ride pillion with an adult, and they will love the experience!

kids tall enough

If your children are at least 110cm, they can ride the Luge alone. Nicole who is 6yo, was tall enough to make the grade. But yet, she rode together with us…But that’s alright, as the Sentosa Luge offers great bonding between Parent and Child! 🙂

The normal price for this attraction is $14/ride.


2. Segway

If you want to try something different, you can also make your way to the Eco-friendly Segways found on the beach. One ride on these eco-friendly vehicles costs $12, so using your Sentosa Day Pass here, is good value for money! 🙂

Here is a picture of Nathan in full battle order, as he wears his helmet, arm guard and knee guard. (All protective gear comes inclusive in the ride)


Although the kids were young, there were guides to help them along, and even Nadine tried out the Segways! Overall, it was a good experience, as you get to take the Segways on a rough terrain course (The Kids’ segways are pulled along by a instructor, so 3yo Nadine had no problems at all! 🙂

Sentosa segway

3. Tiger Sky Tower

As Singapore’s tallest observatory tower, it offers panoramic views at 131 metres above sea level across Singapore, Sentosa, Southern Islands, right up to neighboring Malaysia and the Indonesian islands.

sentosa sky tower

The best thing about the sky tower is that the cabin is air-conditioned. The tower ride offers great relief from the heat and the kids will love the view. A normal ride would have cost the family $15/adult…

sky tower cabin

4. Images of Singapore

singapore history

If you are a History Buff like me, you have got to visit this attraction. It tells the History of Singapore in a really entertaining way, and we had a lot of stories to tell the kids, as we walked down memory lane. The award-winning attraction brings Singapore’s past to vivid life using multimedia displays, multi-screen theatre presentations and life-sized tableaus depicting local history.

images of singapore

This attraction is a MUST for any tourist, and a great educational tool for the kids! 🙂 Normal ticket prices to go to this attraction is $10 per adult.

5. Sentosa Cineblast

Cineblast offers a combination of visually stimulating rides and games. For example, Desperado is a game, where you sit on a mechanical horse, and you get to shoot the bad guys with the kids. The centre offers other rides like “Extreme Log Ride” and the 4 dimensional show “Pirates”. The whole package here would have cost us $37.90 per adult.


desperado collage

cineblast program

In just half a day, we managed to spend $88.90 per adult. A Full Day Pass costs $69.90, so going for it, definitely saved us money! 🙂

And we only managed to explore 7 out of the 13 attractions that is available through the Day Pass.


The kids just love their Play Passes! It’s really value for money especially when you are going to spend the day on the island with your friends and family! 😉

Love my play pass

ED’s Parenting Tip

If you are short of time, and this is the first time on the Island, these are the attractions that you should head for:

  1. Images of Singapore (For the History of the Island)
  2. Sentosa Luge (This ride is just plain fun!)
  3. Tiger Sky Tower (Check out the view of Singapore)

*This is a sponsored review*

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