Sentosa Luge

If you are wondering what you can do with your kids this weekend, you can try taking them to the Luge at Sentosa!

The Luge is a part go-cart, part-tobaggan with a built in braking system that promises thrill for the kids and the family. This sleigh-like contraption, is safe enough even for my 2yo girl, and it brought much smiles and laughs for the whole family.

We bought tickets for the Luge at Mount Imbiah, which is located at the Cable Car Station.

Basically, the Luge is like a sleigh which goes down the slope at high speeds.


Needless to say, helmets are not a fashion accessory, but a safety requirement for the ride.

Is the Ride really that Fast?!?

Although the kids are allowed to go for the ride, they all had to ride “pillion” with us. Children need to be taller than 130cm, if they want to travel alone.

Sentosa luge


As the kids travelled with an adult, we basically controlled how fast we wanted to go. Therefore, the ride is perfectly “safe”, as long as you are not Mr. Bean! 🙂

The ride is really fun, and as there are 2 trails, almost everyone goes for at least 2 attempts at the Luge. As the Ride works on a the concept of a sleigh, you will need to make your way up the hill to try it out again.

I know…you must be thinking…So I must walk all the way up the hill in the Hot Sun to try out the ride again….there must be a better way!

Well, YES! There is!!!

When you buy your tickets, go for a round trip ticket.

This entitles you to take a sky ride up to the top of the slope again!


Yes…The sky ride is the common Ski lift that you see, when you take vacations on the slopes of Switzerland…and this lift seems to be put to good use on this attraction.


Frankly, we were a bit nervous about the kids riding the lift, but the Staff  at Sentosa were very good at getting us onto the lifts, and the children were very well behaved throughout the ride (We noticed that some kids rode the life barefoot, as parents wanted to make sure that their shoes did not drop along the way)


Were they Paranoid?!?

Not really…I saw a foreign family walking up the slope looking for their shoes….looks like you can’t be too careful!

Is this a Good Family Activity?







As I like to bringing the kids outdoors, I think that this is a really great action ride for the whole family. My wife was a bit nervous about bringing the kids at first…but once you learn the ropes, it is actually quick an easy ride!

Although it is on the more expensive side, with 2 rides including the sky train costing about $17 dollars , it is definitely worth the experience. (I managed to get the ride at half price, as AMEX was offering a half price promotion on weekends!) *Children are charged differently.

Detailed Pricing

Luge & Skyride Combo
One Luge & Skyride:
S$12 / Person

Two Luge & Skyrides:
S$17 / Person

Three Luge & Skyrides:
S$21 / Person

Five Luge & Skyrides:
S$29 / Person

Family Deals*
Four ride family pass: S$29
Eight ride family pass: S$49

Skyride only
One Way: S$8 / Person
Two Way: S$12 / Person

*Family deals are applicable for families with a child below 16 yrs old
Age and Height restrictions apply.

Min. height 85cm to ride with an adult
Min. height 130cm to ride alone
6yrs and 110cm or taller to ride Luge alone

Opening Hours
10 a.m. – 9.30 p.m. daily

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