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I have been wanting to blog about this for some time…but I have only just found the time! It is about our trip to The National Museum on National Day!

national museum

Besides the Museum offering FREE Admission to all that day, it had a children’s program for all visitors as well! Based on the theme
“The Swinging Sixties”, there were lots of games and activities based on that era!

The Fun Fair was designed in such a way that you had to complete all the activities to get a special prize!

Here’s a picture of my enthusiastic models with their game cards!


Basically, as the games were based on those that were played in the 1960s, the booths were all very simple in design. However, the games still required a lot of skill, and they were still a challenge for the adults and children. From tossing the hoop into the cans, the kids also had to shoot at objects with a toy gun! Full marks to the museum for their creativity!

can toss


One of the booths that the family enjoyed, was when we were given the chance to make our own badges!


Here is a sample of the badges that we could make:


Cool right! With the vision of our badges presented to us, the kids got into a colouring mode.


After colouring our papers, we brought them to the staff manning the machines. With a pull of the lever…

DSC_0047 Museum collage

The kids all loved it… and many families all huddled together to make their badges…

museum foyer

There was even a dance workshop, so that you can swing like the “Swinging Sixties”

DSC_0001 DSC_0011







Daddy’s Favourite activity was the 60’s costume dress-up.

The queue was mega long, and we were blessed to be one of the last families that had a chance to dress up!


Check out Elvis…:)


And Baby Elvis…


And my little La Mei! (Spice Girl)


And of course…the Psychedelic family 🙂


Museum Day is really fun…and the family are converts! Look out for Museum events as they are really cool…and best of all…it’s FREE!

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