Indoor Games for Kids

The kids were really excited when they got home from school this week. The delivery guy has just dropped off a package from our friends at Reebonz.

Reebonz is this really cool online fashion store which sells really branded stuff, at budget prices! They recently launched their kids range, and they asked me to try out one of their toys!

We were naturally delighted, and the kids were too! 🙂


We chose “Happy Farm!”. This board game won the Learning German Game Award in 2009 and is created by A German toy brand called Beleduc,

happy farm

The objective of the game is to collect a tractor. Made up of wooden pieces, the players use a dice to move around the farm to collect the illustrated animals. After collecting pigs and chickens, kids learn how to trade their 2 farm animals for a cow. The first player to collect 2 cows, gets to exchange the cows for the prized tractor.

game board

Sounds Simple? Yes! It is really that simple, and great for kids from 3yo – 6yo. The kids loved it and everyone wanted to win! 🙂

The game is approx 15 minutes, as we made them play the game with animals sounds as well:)

chickens and pigs

The great thing about the game is that it promotes the powers of observation and early counting.

Parenting TIps

I think the kids really enjoyed the concept of the game and game-time was short enough to hold their attention.

farm collage

The kids also loved the concept of winning (very Singaporean hor). Only thing was that they enjoyed winning so much, nobody wanted to lose. By the end of 3 rounds, we had near teary-eyed children, who all had to win at least once. We therefore had to “bend the rules” a bit, do a little “match-fixing”, to ensure that there was harmony in the house.

The things Parents do for their kids…:)

The game will soon be available on the Reebonz website. Sign up via this link, so that the staff at Reebonz will keep you updated 🙂 

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