Hotel Equatorial Melaka Review– Family Vacation Destination

Malacca is proving to be a very interesting place to visit with the family and it’s a great family vacation destination as well!

Sited by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the town is now a charming place with lots of traditional eateries and buildings to boast of.

As usual, good accommodation is the 1st thing that a parent looks for! The 1st question on everyone’s mind is:

Do you know of any good hotels for a family vacation in Malacca?

I have stayed in two hotels in Malacca, Renaissance Melaka Hotel, which is managed by the Marriot Group and Hotel Equatorial. Both are in the 5 Star Category, so they both have generally acceptable levels of service.


For Hotel Equatorial, the hotel room is not very big, but rather adequately sized. The picture is rather deceiving, so imagine the room smaller than what is pictured below.

hotel equatorial room

Parenting Tip for Melaka

A real plus for Equatorial Melaka is it’s location. Located just next to the biggest mall in Melaka, it is also within walking distance of the Peranakan restaurants & other cafes.

This is really advantageous when you don’t have a car, and Jonker Street (Famous tourist attraction) is also not too far away.

I definitely prefer the Equatorial compared to Hotel Renaissance Melaka, which is a bit further away from the city centre.

They even have a 3D2N Getaway specials where rooms are less than Singapore $150/ night and they come with unlimited internet access.

Sounds great right! Unfortunately bad things do happen to good people! 🙁

Although i paid for this package, I had the unfortunate timing of going to the hotel when their internet access is down. In fact, I am writing this post from a cafe which has internet access. (Malacca has lots of internet hotspots in their cafe and restaurants-this little town is really quite wired).

How are the kids enjoying their stay?

Well, the kids have been thoroughly enjoying their stay in Malacca.

Here are some pictures of them “goofing around” in the room and also pictures of them before going for their swim




The kids are really enjoying their holiday…

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