Count your Calories!

As we enter the year of the Rabbit, Here’s the Tay Family wishing you a very prosperous New Year and…

gong xi fa cai

This year, the New Year has especially been a bit difficult for me and my wife, as we recently went on a diet, and we lost about 7-8kg in 21 days.

However, with the many sweets and pastries available this season, it’s been a bit hard to maintain our diet. According to our dieting schedule, we are supposed to keep ourselves off carbohydrates & sweets, and this means No Bread, Noodles, Rice, Fast food and CNY Snacks…

However, it has been a losing battle these 2 days 🙁

There are just too many goodies to go around…and recently, the Newspapers just published the number of calories that we can find in our CNY Snacks. (Please bear in mind that we only need about 1500-1800 calories / day)

According to “Mind your Body”

1. Pineapple Tarts

pineapple tarts

  • 2 Pieces (40 gm) = 164 Calories and 12g of Sugar

On Average, I think I had about 4-6 of these lovely tarts at every serving. That’s 492 calories for 6 tarts…I think I should skip dinner after eating these tarts! 🙁

2. Bak Kwa


  • One Slice (57g) = 229 Calories and 24.5g of Sugar

Seriously, who can stop at one slice of Bak Kwa? Personally, I eat at least 3 slices per session, and that is about 690 Calories! Imagine half your daily requirement gone in 3 slices! 🙁

3. Love Letters

love letters

  • 2 Pieces (26g) = 112 Calories and 9.9g of Sugar

I think an average person eats about 6 pieces at one serving. That will mean 336 Calories…and can u imagine…You have not even drank your Coke yet 🙁

4. Mandarin Oranges


  • One Orange = 51 Calories and 10.6g of Sugar

With so many pastries and oranges to end the meal, we should expect that this season will be an intense period of feasting!

I am hoping that I can keep my calorie intake within reasonable levels during this season, and hopefully I can maintain my waist line.

Meanwhile, here’s wishing everyone a Prosperous Year of the Rabbit! 🙂

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