E & O Hotel

One of the most “classy” places that you can go to in Penang is the Eastern & Oriental Hotel (or affectionately known as E & O Hotel).

E&O hotel

Established in 1885, this hotel is actually the sister of the Raffles Hotel found in Singapore. Many famous people have stayed in the hotel. People such as Charlie Chaplin, Sun Yat Sen and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

e&O hotel lobby

The hotel has been splendidly maintained, and walking through the hotel lobby, brings you on a journey back to the Colonial Era.

I did not get to stay here, as the rooms were fully booked out, but prices start at about US $200/night, and they are all decorated, with furnishings reminding you of the British Empire.

If you are looking for an Olympic sized pool in this hotel, you will be disappointed, as the pool is rather small.

swimming pool e&o


However, the hotel does make up for it, with its ambience.

sarkies corner

E&O Walkway

Check out its Public Toilets:

E&O Toilet


We also went for High Tea at it’s cafe, to sample the Colonial atmosphere in our stomachs! Check out the high class cafe:




high tea

The scones and pastries were presented in the typical “British way”, but they were not fantastically appetizing.

I would not say that the High Tea is definitely something that you must “die-die” do when you are in Penang, but it certainly helps you soaking up the atmosphere in this historic hotel.

Prices are at RM45 ++ and served everyday from 2 to 5pm.

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