Will you be my Valentine?

Guess what! Valentine’s day is here again! Smile

Growing up, the No. 1 question that we used to ask our friends is, “Do you have a date for Valentine?” Being the quiet teenager, this was not a question that I particularly looked forward to. In fact, this was a question that I wanted to avoid, as most of my growing up years, were nights with my textbooks, pc and telly. But, as they say, the fullness of time came, and eventually, I had a positive answer to this question!


Today, I can say that my best friend is my Valentine!

My Aussie College sweetheart was the girl who swept off my feet and the one whom I made a life long commitment to love for the rest of my life. Any regrets? Ya! Why not sooner? Smile

After 13 years of joy, laughter, tears and companionship, I can safely come up with a list, where my wife has consistently been part of.

Here are 7 things which my wife is to me:

1) She is the Only girl on my Speed Dial

2) She is the person I call the Most often everyday!

3) She is the First person with whom I want to share Good News and Bad!

4) She is the only other person which I go to for directions besides Google.

5) She is the one with whom I want to share every holiday with.

6)  She is the ONLY person with whom I feel most comfortable with . She has heard all my jokes, sermons, frustrations, blog posts and farts! Smile

7) She is my Confidante, Co-labourer, Companion and Lover.

As they say, “Only Fools fall in love”, and this Valentine, I just want to tell my wife, that I have no regrets being the fool for you, and this journey would never have been the same, without you beside my side.

I have definitely enjoyed it  more, with you always by my side.

And as “Cheezey” as it sounds, like I always preach at weddings:

“Growing up, we hear about fairy tales and happy endings, but the thing is True love has no ending”

Happy Valentine’s Day baby! Smile

This post is part of a Valentine’s Day series, brought to you by Daddy Matters.

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