Our Little Princess Performs!

Part of life in Pre-School is watching the kids go for their Performances. These performances are scenes where Parents display their latest technological gizmos, as you see every parent “whip” out their favourite device to record the whole event.

Pat's Readers Theatre

This year’s performances  was no different for my wife and I, as we were both armed to our teeth with our cameras. As parents, we are both excited to watch her perform, and  it was definitely a way for us to measure her progress. Can you imagine, this is supposed to be her last year in Pre-school, and Primary School beckons in the coming months. How time flies, and we are praying and believing for all the kids to adapt well to Primary School life.

Pats schoolhouse

schoolhouse performance

One of the great things about Nadine’s Pre-School is that they have a lot of performances for the kids. I think it’s fantastic for our  little girl, as these confidence boosters are essential for her development. In fact, each one of them adapted differently to these performances. Nicole was the natural performer, Nathan is more the thinker, and Nadine displays qualities close to her Big sister Smile

After the concert, we got to tour around the school, and find out what our little Princess has been up to in school. We loved the fact that the teachers encourage the kids to be creative, check out the home made Fairy Tale Books which they made for Art and Craft.

childrens stories

childrens fairytales

kids word games

Nadine showed us around the class, and showed us the various things that she has been learning in school. We enjoyed watching her at work, and finding out more about her school life.

kids collage

Transition to Primary School  is up next for our Little Princess. Her older siblings have been doing well, and we are praying that she catches up with her peers really soon! Smile

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