Kids Christmas Presents

The kids have had a memorable Christmas!

Besides the food, there is one very important thing that all children love, and of course it is PRESENTS!

Christmas Presents

Many thanks to all the Uncles and Aunties who made this Mountain of Presents possible!

The kids could only open the presents on Xmas Day, and hence they were so happy when it was time to open up their presents!

Nathan was overjoyed at the sight of the presents and kept on clapping his hands.

nathan clapping

They were overjoyed as they enjoyed each present. Even Little Nadine was busy concentrating on opening up the presents.

childrens collage

Nicole was of course busy posing with her presents!

nic n present

nic n present 1

As usual, Nathan got a lot of Thomas the Train products.  He already has an elaborate Thomas the Train set, but which little kid would say “No” to having more?

This Christmas, Nathan not only got a New Thomas the Train set, but also Thomas the Train stationary, Towel, Books, and even a Thomas the Train handkerchief.

My little boy did not waste any time, but he was busy parading himself with his new items, as soon as he got his hands on them…

nathan n thomas shirt

nathan playing towel  thomas & towel

towel around waist

At the end of the day, the kids simply overjoyed and more than ready to pose for photographs.

kids collage

I think we can safely say that the Kids had a great and memorable Christmas.

merry xmas

And before I go…here’s wishing everyone out there…

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

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