Family Development

This year promises to be an exciting year for the family, as we are seeing many changes among our midst. Blogging also helps me,  as I began to chart my Family’s Development.

For a start, Nathan is now officially going to school, and he is in the same Pre-school as Nicole. It was not that long ago, when Nicole had her 1st day at school!

It was certainly a very teary day for her, but Nathan was much braver! 🙂 This was a big contrast from his 1st day at school at Julia Gabriel! We also did not send Nathan to a Pre-school earlier, due to our experience with Nicole’s progress.

He was excited and yet apprehensive…and things were easier for him, as he has a friend in school (Debbie) to help him along as well. They are both from the same Nursery, and as a result, they spent a big part of the 1st week, literally holding each others’ hands.

Can’t wait for Nadine to grow up and enter this milestone as well!

Talking about milestones, check out these photos of the kids:

Here is Nicole: Small, Cute, and Quiet…How she has grown! 🙂

Nic and Bible

Nathan – the man in the house! Strong, Silent and always Hungry. Check out the difference in Size!


And Nadine: The lady in the house! She brightens up our day with her cheeky little smile!


Can you see their differences as well? 🙂

I enjoyed looking for their photos in my achives, and I think you will have fun too, as you look through the old photos of your kids!

Ahh…The wonders of digital photography!

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