Chinese New Year Performance

Kids just grow up so fast! Nadine has just reached one of her last few milestones in k2, and she is starting the year with her last performance in pre-school. This is Nadine is 2010 in her CNY threads.


And this is Nadine in 2014!

nadine 2014

How has my little princess grown! : )

chinese new year celebrate

She is now more confident in her movements, memorises her dance steps, and she is showing a healthy love for the stage.

Looking back at these milestones  brings back a smile to my face. I remember when our N1 had her first performance. We were anxious to make sure that we were there from the very beginning of the show. So, we watched all the various classes go through the dance, even though N1 was not performing. Now when it comes to N3,  we were slowly strolling into the performance arena, as we have already mastered the performance line-up. Our adrenaline only starts pumping when she is on stage…the rest of the time, we are in our little world! Smile I think many parents know what I am talking about! Smile

face painting

Many thanks once again to Nadine’s teachers like Miss Ivy who have been helping her to settle down well in school and helping her feel comfortable. We are praying and believing for Nadine’s Quick Development, and that she will fulfil her destiny in God! Smile

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