Birthday Party at School (Part 1)

This post is long overdue…

Nicole had her Traffic Light Party on the 19th of June. (Read about the Origins of Traffic Light Party here!)


Well, on the day of the Party, all of us had to wake up early and the whole family made our way to school!

We dropped by Middle Road first to pick up the Balloons and cheap party goods. (This is where the party shops at Concourse shifted to).

We arrived to a “Roaring Reception” when we reached the school…And they were chanting “Party…Party…Party!” when we reached the school gates.

Excitement was surely in the air!

We started off with games in the music room and we had two Children’s Church teachers to help us conduct the games. Many thanks to Aizhen and Jun Jie for helping us create the Traffic Light Games! It was FUN!



Notice that they quickly learnt how to cheap, by putting their hands on the chair, as they walked and ran around it!

nicole test

Game Number 2 involved them finding coloured Ice-cream Sticks which were stuck around the room! No prizes for guessing what were the three colours!


ice cream sticks

And for the very last round, we had the Pinata



And they all lined up to pull the string! Each one taking a turn (Oh well! We tried to keep them in line :P)

Btw, they say that the string version is better than the whack version, as u can whack until the fat lady sings…but the sweets still will not come out!

As they pulled the strings, there was great anticipation for the SWEETS!



They were all delighted with their sweets!

Finally, they all took a Group photo before proceeding upstairs for the party!


To be Continued…

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