City Harvest Church – Asia Conference

As we were driving the Nicole to school this week , we stumbled upon a present surprise!

I saw an ad that was very familiar!!! A Bus with the advertisement of the Asia Conference. The Asia Conference is hosted by City Harvest Church, and it is the biggest Christian conference on this part of the continent. Bringing together Premier Christian Speakers like Reinhard Bonkke, AR Bernard, Benny Hinn and many more.

Asia Bus

We saw the bus plying the routes around our house and nm wife immediately stepped onto the accelerator to take a closer look. My hunch was proven rite!!!

Before us, was a bus carrying an advertisement, showcasing the ASIA CONFERENCE!!! 

We are really excited as this promises to be a really big conference with many big christian speakers.




With Speakers like Ps. Kong Hee, Benny Hinn, Dr. A.R Bernard – This is definitely the Biggest Conference around, this coming November. With 26 electives, and a gourmet of Biblical and Gastronomical delights – You have definitely got to take leave for this event!

With Brand New Games for our Family Carnival, this event is definitely one for the whole family.

Check out the latest trailer in the video below:

Sign up for the Conference today!!!

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