Prayer Retreat

From Sun to Tue, I was sent to the convent to learn from sisters on the finer points of prayer. It is the Good Shepherd Convent near Marymount convent.
The main thing about this retreat, is that throughout the 2 days, u are not allowed to talk to anyone.
I know..I know..My sentiments exactly! Not very exciting right? And what’s worse, it is compulsory! And to add on to that, going for this retreat is a compulsory component of youth discipleship at Trinity Theological College!
Imagine the 2 words: Youth and Quiet. What an oxymoron (contrast). Imagine having a youth camp and no one talks? No games? Just pure silence and listening to the sounds of the crickets……

Basically, they gathered us on Sunday night, gave each of us a room and on Monday, there will be sessions with the Sisters, when they will highlight different types of prayer.

Well, the good thing is that, God did speak to me during the retreat….
After checking in on Sunday night, we woke up at 7am the next day.
We were then asked to walked quietly by ourselves to Macritchie Reservoir. After a whole night of silence, your ears suddenly become very sensitive. The sounds of the buses and cars driving along the road were quite deafening.

Walking around the reservoir, I realised that my heart and my mind started to slow down. Wow! I did not realise that the ‘busy-ness’ of this world has made my internal clock move so fast.
Sitting on the park bench, I began to enjoy the silence of nature, and how it was broken only by the senior citizens who were out for their morning walks.

In the water, there were many youths who were in their kayaks paddling up and down the reservoir. Many of them were racing, and 3 of them caught my eye.

After their race, the 3 kayaks were about 200m away from me. The 3 seamen were then talking to themselves.
Amidst the silence, their voices travelled across the waters, and I could make up their conversation. That was really suprising, as they were really quite a distance away.
At that moment, I felt an inner voice saying, “When u slow down, u will hear my voice.” I was astonished, as in the midst of the silence, God’s voice also seemed to be magnified. His voice was so loud… so near…so real!
Amazing rite…u guys should try it one of these days.
Also realized another thing:
Many times when we see, we don’t really see. I looked at the people on the kayaks, and I did not really see anything significant. Nothing Struck me.
But instead, what I heard from God really impacted me!
Like what it says in the Bible in Rom 10:17
17So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
We got to be more sensitive and listen more for the voice of God!

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