Knowing Who u are?

Recently, I have been listening to a Podcast by Dr. A.R Bernard entitled Cycles of Temptation. U can check it out at

Describing the 3 temptations of Christ, he highlighted the importance of the devil’s first question to Jesus.

Luke 4:3
And the devil said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread.”

The 1st question posed to Jesus, was a question about his identity. It challenged Jesus on who he believed he was. This is an important detail, as how u live your life, is determined by who u believe u are.

Jesus believed and knew that He is the Son of God, and it shaped how He lived His life.

If your identity is shaped by your company, by your postion and ranking, you will find your life being poured into the company. If your life and identity is shaped by your friends, you will find out that negative+positive comments made by them, have a significant impact on your actions.

Kinda remembered when I was younger. When my life and actions were determined by fashion and clubbing. Clothes and the things of this world just can’t occupy what needs to be filled inside!

Btw, Pst Kong is on Benny Hinn’s- “This is your Day!” television program. It is the most widely watched Christian program in America, and on the Wed, Nov 7 broadcast, he tells the CHC story! That’s really Cool!!!

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