Games Galore at the Hideout Cafe

Last Saturday, 3 of my CGs hung out at the ‘Hideout Cafe

Based on the “Settler’s” cafe idea, where u don’t just “SIT & ROT”, the establishment provides interesting games that help you break the ice!

What I really like about the place is that the management is really accommodating!

Situated at Bedok, the place is easy to find.
Hey! It is situated at the Hawker Center next to the famous Bak Chor Mee Stall. If u are a food connoisseur, u definitely know what I am talking about!

The café only opens at 1pm, but the boss (Sebastian) was really nice, and he allowed us to come in at 12pm to set up the place early.

As we wanted to start off the meeting with Praise, we were allowed to shift the furniture around, so that we could have more space.

After our normal CG activities, we played a game of Bible Charades. The boss (Sebastian) was the MC for the day, and did an awesome job hosting all of us! He gave clear instructions and had no problems captivating our interest, even though we were 60+ strong. Thumbs up to the BOSS!
For the 2nd round of games, we pitted against each other in Taboo, Mad Gab and Quelf.


We had fun trying out some new games & enjoying each other’s company.

BTW, CG E462 came in 1st for the games, and they received complimentary vouchers from the café for doing so well! Also – A really BIG Thank YOU to the cafe, who allowed us to stay on longer than our stipulated time.

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