Christmas Services at CIty Harvest Church

With services starting since last Saturday, it has been a long tiring Xmas.

But…it has all been worth it! the people just kept on ‘flooding’ in for the services… we are believing that more than 50,000 people will attend our Xmas services this week.

We are now believing for them to come back this weekend, so that we can see them become lasting fruits in the kingdom of God!

Being in the carnvial committee, my week started since last Friday. That was the day, that the carnival games shifted into the Hall.

The inflatables were a real challenge, as they came in very DIRTY.

A BIG THANK YOU to people like: Suting, Delphine, Shing, Sandy, Aaron, Clement, Joel. Choon Peng, Gail…and all the rest who helped out with cleaning the inflatables.

They got down on their knees and ‘scrubbed’ the inflatables with ‘Dettol’, so that it would be clean for the children! Many THANKS!

The best thing about Xmas, was of course seeing our friends and family members come for the weekend services, and respond to the altar call. My mum, brother and sis-in-law come and they all enjoyed the Xmas drama. Mum lifted up her hands when the altar call was given. PTL!

During the carnival, it was also really exciting to see ET ZONE dominate the ‘Eating Competition’. We were the Unofficial Overall Champions, with us winning the eating competiton on all 4 days!

ET..Hey! ET..Ho! ET..Yea! ET..YA *11 claps*..ET!

To join in the Xmas Celebration, Nathan also competed in the ‘Sunshine Baby’ competiton. Unfortunately, he was a bit tired and cranky…Cried when he saw the judges! (Even when the Judge was Aunty Shirley-he sees her everyday!)

It’s ok Nath! We’ll win the next time! You are still my little ‘SUNSHINE!’

Anyway, we are now looking forward to the weekend CGs, where we will see our friends come back!


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