Food Blogger Demands Free Meal!

Just visited  Daphne’s blog recently and I stumbled onto this article about a local food Blogger called Lady Iron Chef.

The controversy seems to have gone upscale by getting itself reported on Yahoo news and making its rounds on the internet.

According to Yahoo News:

A young food blogger had demanded that he and his three companions be given free meals at an upscale restaurant in the Joo Chiat area.

When presented with the final bill of $435, the blogger initially refused to pay and repeatedly told the restaurant’s chef, “I never pay for food in any restaurant.”

The restaurant eventually offered to waive off the cost of the meal for him and his partner as well as the cost of the champagne out of goodwill, thus lowering the bill to $159.

Still upset but finally relenting to pay, the blogger then threw his credit card onto the bar counter in front of the cashier before storming out.

Personally, I don’t know the Blogger in question and I actually thought that the blogger was female, until I read the article in Yahoo.

As the Blogger has not been out to defend himself, I feel that in this case, we might have to give the blogger the benefit of a doubt. I believe that it is more appropriate to  hold one’s peace until we have heard the other side of the story.

We must realize that everyone has an agenda…including the friendly News provider…

However, I think that the issue does bring out certain points to ponder about:

My current Blogging escapades seem to have brought me certain benefits, as people have began to ask me to review their products and it even got me to Club Med! 🙂


I, for one am not complaining, as I really enjoyed Club Med, and I also enjoy meeting new people as well. However, as blogging started out as a hobby for me, I have not given the commercial aspects much thought until today.

Basically, I just write and take pictures, because I enjoy it, and it’s also a fun way for me to communicate with my family and friends. I strive to  get the basic idea across that Parenting is Fun, and that there are people out there, who laugh at themselves and their kids too! 🙂

However, I also understand that it is difficult to write unbiased reviews, especially when money or some other fringe benefits are involved.

Is there a way to strike a balance?

  1. Maybe Bloggers should just label their posts more deliberately, especially when it is a paid Advertorial.
  2. Bloggers should have a certain level of integrity. I seriously don’t want to recommend to my friends a really lousy dieting product and find out that they suffer from liver failure in the near future.
  3. Can’t think of any more points at the moment?!? Maybe you guys can help me…

And lastly, I think that everyone makes mistakes. To err is human, to forgive is divine…

Maybe we should just be less critical and more forgiving. After all, at the end of the day….Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah is just a cheer! 🙂

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