Featured in City News

Just last week, ED Unloaded was featured as a Parenting Blogger on City News. This printed magazine has a reach of 40,000 readers and enjoys 14,000 page views on a weekly basis.

Many Thanks once again to all the loyal readers out there, who have been following the blog! I hope that you have been enjoying this parenting journey together with us, as we highlight the “Ups” and “Downs” of Parenting.



To read the full article, you can check out the Full Paper Online (dated 17-18 April 2010).

You can also check out some other Parenting Blogs that are mentioned in the article. They are all good friends with us:

1. Klessis – 1st Mummy who introduced me to Blogging

2. Sandra –Mummy Blogger

3. Daphne – Munmmy Blogger

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