Blogging with Style

Today, I just discovered a new way of Publishing my works on my Blog.


Ok, call me sua-ku (Country Bumpkin), but all this time I have been using blogger to publish my works.






Only thing about blogger, is that it limits the fonts that u can use.










I can Type, Like this, & write using different fonts!

I can Bring in A Creative Element, and explore my Writing

using different FONTS!






You can google the program ‘Windows Live Writer’ & try out this new interface.

It is based on a WYSIWUG (What u see, is what u get) editor, so it makes things really easy and it has all the nice toolbars that u find on Microsoft Word.

Wait…there is more!

When u insert a picture in the blogger editor, the picture ends up on the top of the post, even though u inserted it in the middle.

Using this editor, u don’t experience these problems!

In fact, the editor functions exactly like Microsoft Word & your pictures appear where they should be


I am sorry, but this is something really ‘Refreshing’ compared, to the primitive default editor found on Blogger.

Before I go, It’s Easter this week!

If u are in Singapore, come an join us this weekend & find out what Easter is all about! City Harvest Church will be having services in Singapore Expo and at Jurong West St 91.

Before I go, I also want to Thank Jia Hao and Shing for helping me with my New Blogskin & for being my Blogging Consultants.

Thanks for making it all possible!

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