Safer Internet Day

Do the words Flamed! Trolled! Bullied! mean anything to you? With the advent of the Internet, these words have brought about a different meaning to every Internet User! Although many of us do not initiate such “hateful behavior”, we can all do our parts in making the Internet a better and safer place!

safer internet day

This February Singapore will join over 100 countries around the world to commemorate Safer Internet Day (SID). Taking place on every second Tuesday of February, Safer Internet Day aims and seeks to promote safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, amongst children and young people. Together with the Media Literacy Council (MLC)we can all do our part by acting on the theme, “Let’s create a better Internet together”. (Check out the campaign video below)

Yes! We can all play a part by changing the landscape that we are facing! The Internet maybe full of “negatives”, and as positive people, we can make a change! We can focus on the fact that there are positive people out there, and we can applaud and encourage their positive comments, and stories.

As part of Safer Internet Day 2015, MLC has identified 50 ordinary folks and groups who help to make Internet better. These are people who demonstrate respect, responsibility, empathy, and integrity in their online interactions – be it posting a kind word or a constructive comment. Folks who start positive causes on Facebook, make encouraging videos, or reach out to audiences are also featured.

Looking through the first few people who are featured, I was glad to see a familiar name:


Walter Lim is a father, and I am glad to him setting a good example for his son by leaving positive footprints on the Internet! 🙂

One of the great stories that I have come across is Leslie Tan! He owns Red Sports, and aims to encourage the local Sporting scene among School going kids by featuring them on his website.

red sports

I am sure that there are many more positive stories out there! So let’s continue to change the environment, by encouraging such positive behavoir.

Parents will be glad to know that the Media Literacy Council is continuing to help children, teens and parents on the hot topic of Cyber Bullying. Created by Facebook and the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, the Bullying Prevention Centre was launched here after its success in the United States and Britain.

anti cyber bully prevention hub

The site gives people being bullied information on what they can do when they experience something upsetting, recommendations to adults who want to help, as well as guidance to the person accused of bullying on why they have upset someone and how they can make it better, said Facebook and the Media Literacy Council.

Specific actions, including links to Facebook’s reporting tools, are listed for each audience. Facebook will also direct anyone who reports bullying via Facebook’s reporting tools to the Bullying Prevention Centre.

The site can be accessed at

As part of the Media Literacy Council, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on 93.8 Live.

For more information on MLC and Safer Internet Day, do visit their website, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or watch their videos on YouTube. Participate by using the hashtag ?#?betterinternetsg? for your posts.

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