Difficult being a Parent…


As I was driving home today, I was listening to “Parenting Made Easy” on Fm93.8.

On this program, they invited a specialist, who taught about the Power of Words. The specialist remarked about how we need to bridle our tongue,  especially when  we speak to our children.

Basically, she was discouraging Parents from  calling their children “Stupid” or negatively “labelling” the children, as we have a tendency to believe in the “labels” given to us.

Believe me…I am all FOR THAT, and I basically try to be as positive as possible when I am with the kids.

However, I think the challenging part comes in practically applying these principles in everyday situations…

For example…When  the family is walking through the kitchen section at Robinsons, and Nathan starts fooling around and running around the glassware.

My Natural Instinct is:

Nathan…Stop Running or you will break something!

The Doctor’s Advice is:

Nathan…Walk..Let’s Walk to the next department!

The Doctor’s premise is that, when we say WALK, we are suggesting the right behaviour for the kids. So, if we want them to WALK, we should avoid the negative: which is STOP RUNNING, and instead suggest the prescribed behaviour of WALKING.

I think that Stopping to Think in such situations is really difficult. As a parent, you just want them out of the “Danger Area” and No more “Silly Behaviour” in dangerous areas…

No questions asked and Straight to the point!!!

If they are not meant to be running around the glassware ….then it is just  STOP RUNNING…PERIOD!

If they are drawing on the walls, it is like “STOP DRAWING! “

My main idea would be to Save my wall, rather than how to put the words across in the most politically correct way…

Hmm…wonder if you guys face the same difficulties…

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