Advice for Parents

Recently, I attended a Parenting talk by Dr Tim Elmore, and it was enlightening to hear his perspectives on parenting.

Through his talk, I was reminded about the important role that we have as parents. We need to prepare them for the world and help them so that:

“They will not endure life today, but we should equip them to thrive.”


And as parents, we should build bridges that they can hear the weight of truth for us to speak to them.

One important nugget that I took home with me is that despite the busy day, there are some natural activities that we can use to mentor our kids.

Check out the different roles that we can play with them:

1. At Meal Time – We can play the role of a teacher. we talk about the day and we try to make sense of it to them.

2. At Travel Time – We play the role of a friend. We talk to them about life.

3, At Bed Time – We play the role of a counselor. We discuss “heart issues” and play with them.

4. At  Morning Time – We play the role of a coach. We motivate them to face the new day.

Personally, I feel that these nuggets are a great help. It keeps me aware of the the different roles that I can play consistently in the Children’s lives.

Hopefully, I can be consistent enough to raise up great kids!

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