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Every parent has their hands full!  From tuition, sports, to other enrichment lessons, most Singaporean kids have a busy schedule. With all these schedules and routines to upkeep, our family car is no doubt a great asset to us. We just can’t imagine our lives without it! (Find out how you can win $1,500 worth of Shell Fuel Vouchers at the end of the post!)


I believe that most families in Singapore will agree with me that the family car plays an integral role in each household. In fact, with the family car, the whole family only needs to wake up at 615am to get to school on time. To most Singaporeans, that is already very early. If not for our car, we can’t imagine how much earlier we would need to wake up!

Recently, our friends David and Angeline were featured in a video that highlights the importance of how their car helps them. If you have not seen the video, check it out here:

We share the same sentiments! Our family car definitely makes life much easier and convenient for all of us. 🙂 Shell also profiles the interesting stories of everyday Singapore drivers and their rides, you may watch their videos here.

On the downside, the upkeep of a car in Singapore is certainly expensive. With cars being such a luxury in Singapore, we need to make a conscientious effort to keep our car in tip-top running condition. When a car breaks down, it always means unnecessary costs for the whole family and therefore, regular servicing is required. Besides the regular tune-ups, we endeavour to feed our car with the best diet. After all, we do become what we eat! 😉

This car “diet” issue has grown in importance as COE prices have been increasing. It is no wonder that many motorists have been thinking about extending their COEs beyond the 10-year mark. Currently, our vehicle is in its 8th year and we are seriously considering this option. After all, if our engine is in tip-top condition, there isn’t a need for us to get rid of our vehicle prematurely.

With respect to this issue, Shell V-Power Nitro+ has something that every car needs. Designed with a unique double action formula, to prevent and remove performance-robbing engine deposits, are kept purring in optimum condition. Together with an added protective film on metal surfaces to defend against corrosion, regular use of

Bearing in mind these benefits, we have been turning into our neighbouring Shell stations and have been considering these red Shell V-Power Nitro+ Pumps more often. Generally, most of my friends tell me that whenever they pump Shell V-Power Nitro+, they feel an extra Oomph in their engine. And that’s not the only good thing – with consistent use of Shell V-Power Nitro+, your car will be kept in optimum condition down the road, which is crucial for us Singaporeans! From my experience, I do feel that the engine is more responsive, and I’m sure my car is reaping the benefits with each pump.

And for this season… Shell is giving away Petrol Vouchers! Yes!  $1,500 worth of Shell Petrol vouchers in an Instagram Contest.

Shell Instagram Contest

All you need to do is to submit a photo of yourself with your ride and share how it has blessed you in your everyday life. Whether it has been a great help in your daily chores or recreational activities, when you post it on Instagram, you stand a chance to WIN FREE PETROL!

Entries will need to have these hashtags:

#ShellSG (Instagram Accounts need to be made public to qualify)

You can start submitting your entry from today and 20 shortlisted entries will be notified by 19 March.  Voting for the top 20 entries will commence from 20 March and the top voted entry will win the $1500 Shell Fuel Vouchers. 

Who knows … you might just be the lucky winner!

* Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle, age of vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Actual potential benefits relate to a detergency element which is designed to help clean up existing deposits in your engine.

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