Fun exercise activities for the family (without any complaints!)

Staying healthy is one of the top 3 priorities that every family has! Besides providing for the kids, parents want to ensure that they keep themselves fit and ready to take on the world. Naturally, jogging has become one of the top recreational activities, which families undertake in order to keep themselves fit and trim. With the increased risks of high blood pressure, cancer and other sicknesses, exercise and a balanced lifestyle, has increased in importance for every Singaporean.


As a family, we try to keep the kids on the move! With fried chicken, hamburger and fries, being one of the children’s favourite foods, we need to make sure that the kids are able to burn off the extra calories. Currently, we send the girls for gymnastics, while our boy goes for his weekly Taekwondo classes. On the weekend, we try to bring them cycling, and even for a run! After all, the exercise regime is not just for them, but it is also for us as well! 🙂

tying shoes-1

With running being one of the cheapest ways to exercise, it is not surprising that running as a passion has overtaken Singapore. Last year, there were more than 100 runs in the Singapore calendar, and many Singaporeans have taken part in one of these events.  However, the upcoming POSB PAssion Run for Kids, promises something different for the family!

Promising great fun for the family with a carnival and other activities, we are also looking forward to one of the learning points of the Run. After all, we don’t just want the kids to run, but we want them to be a blessing to the community as well. Proceeds from the race will go to the POSB PAssion Kids fund which is part of the People’s Association Community Development Fund (PACDF). Targeted at children below the age of 16, you can make a big difference in the lives of the children by simply joining POSB for the run. With 230, 000 beneficiaries and counting, you can further add to the growing pool of children who have been blessed!

Frankly, I have also other personal reasons why I want to join the run!  As one gets older, I have realised that it has become so easy for me to put on weight! No one likes the emergence of the “middle kingdom” that dominates our waistlines and this phenomenon is one of the worries when we hit the middle ages.

Thankfully, I can increase the fruitfulness of my exercise regimes, by including the whole family in my exercise routine. Yes! Why exercise alone, when you can do it together with the whole family? Instead of letting the kids laze around at home, bring the kids out for the POSB PAssion Run! It’s not just healthy, but it also helps the kids cultivate an interest for the outdoor life! 🙂

The run is slated for the September school holidays, and the kids are excited about it!  This is because the POSB PAssion Run has got categories for adults and kids alike. With a 10km run for adults, competitive races for kids from 7-12yo, and a family non-competitive walk for the whole family. The kids have told me, that they don’t mind competing, but I think I will need to get them on some training first, before I submit their names! After all, their fast food diet has not really been making them World Champions! 🙂

Kids jumping

Besides the run, participants can look forward to other activities for the family. Kids can expect an obstacle course, that will challenge their dexterity and courage, as they move from hurdle to hurdle. With the first ever Kids Yoga by the bay, families can experience many different moves, which will stretch the boundaries of their physical imagination. I told my kids about what to expect, and they are rearing to go! They can’t wait to bring out their own exercise equipment, and prepare themselves for the unique challenges ahead! 🙂

For the more pensive family, who is looking for something simpler, one can expect a large sized family carnival with performances, contests and free giveaways. Parents can also get tips on Parenting!  A family panel hosted by Diana Ser, will exchange health and wellness tips, and provide highlight insights from experienced parents. Together with photo opportunities with Smiley the Mascot, participants can expect an enriching outing together with the family.

POSB PAssion run

Come join in the Run on 4 September and make a difference in the lives of the young! Proceeds from the POSB PAssion Kids Fund, will support children in the community through education and developmental programmes in Singapore. It is part of the People’s Association Community Development Fund (PACDF), a registered charity under the Charities Act and has been conferred Institution of a Public Charter (IPC) status.

If you are game, sign up for the run at POSB by 31 July and receive a race pack worth over S$100.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to make it down to the Marina Promontory on 4 September (Sunday), and be prepared for a great day of family fun! 🙂

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