Portuguese Egg Tarts


KFC Egg Tarts have arrived in Singapore!

The last time I had Egg Tarts, was when I went to Glacier Confectionary at Serangoon  Ave 3.

This time round, I was invited by OMY.sg (Thanks to Klessis), to the promotional launch of KFC’s Egg Tarts.

Hailing from Macau, the Egg Tarts are an authentic recipe developed by the famous Margaret Wong who made Portuguese Egg Tarts a legend in Macau (It seems that Margaret is so famous, that even cab drivers will bring you to her cafe, when you mention her name).

kfc egg tart

Priced at $1.30/ piece, the Egg Tarts make a great snack and I love it when it is served Piping Hot!

Definitely a Tart worth trying, when you looking for a quick afternoon snack.

Here’s a Video of the Promo done by OMY.

Guess what…yours truly is in the Video…Look out a guy in a blue shirt, and you will catch a few glimpses of me!

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