Just went to my Google store and downloaded the latest mobile application from the Ministry of Health! (Yes! I know…I am getting the “why did you do that!” stares from everyone) Well, it is because the HealthHub App offers one the ability to access your personal Health records, and the health records of your kids on the go. With everyone’s medical records available at the touch of a button, this application is a great resource that every family!

Having 3 kids, means that just looking after the physical and educational needs of our children is already a full time job.  If anyone was to ask me about my children’s detailed medical or immunization history, I would be pretty lost. All I can remember, is playing “doctor” with them, and helping them overcome the fear of medicine!

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With so many medical histories and appointments to worry about, it would be great, If there is some form of free detailed assistance to help us parents. Currently, if information is needed, I look through the children’s  medical booklets, and flip through to pages to gather the information needed. The situation is worse, if I was being asked about my wife’s medical history, as we lived in a time where there are no medical booklets. 🙂  However, with the advent of technology things are changing.

Introducing “HealthHub” from the Ministry of Health. HealthHub allows users to get all the medical information at the touch of a button. Logging on via the Internet or your mobile, one is able to access health and immunization records, lab test results, discharge information, medical appointments and school health assessments. Yes! This is practically the whole kitchen sink, as long as the medical institutions are run by the state.

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Available to Singaporeans and Permanent residents, access is given via one’s SingPass.  Once logged on, one will be able to gain access to records over the last 6 months. Your children’s medical records are also linked to your account, making one aware of Junior’s next medical appointment, and your child’s next visit to the dentist. This  24/7 access is Super useful, as it ensures that we have our families medical information, even during an unscheduled medical emergency.

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Currently, as one can only access government records, any visit to a private doctor, will not see one’s records updated to the system. In time, hopefully, this feature will be added on to the platform, together with the ability to link the medical information of our elderly parents.

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As an added bonus to the everyday consumer, users will be glad to know that HealthHub allows one to earn points by sharing health-related articles from the portal on social media. These can then be converted to NTUC LinkPoints and used to offset grocery bills or redeem items. In addition, users of the mobile app will get access to special deals and discounts at selected stores.

To get yourself started with Health Hub, you can find out more at HealthHub Sg

(This is an advertorial, but all opinions are 100% our own.)

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