City Harvest Probe

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As a serious Soccer Fan, I can’t wait for the World Cup to Start!


I have even paid the $70 over dollars to Starhub, so that I can watch the World Cup Games on my TV.

Which team am I supporting?

My brain tells me Spain, but my heart goes to England! (In fact, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that they will win!)

I also support Manchester United, and even though they came in 2nd this year, I am still supporting them in the new season. Have things changed because they are facing a troubled season with no new emerging talent?

No…Once a England or Man Utd Supporter….Always a Supporter!


In the same way, as City Harvest Church is in the news, things are NO different. I am still a Supporter.

As everyone is awaiting the results of the investigation, let’s get some facts straight:

1) This slide below was shown to the church congregation on the 1st day of the Asia Conference on the 26 May 2010.  (Kindly supplied by

The Investigation started on the 31 May 2010. Hence, the office is not closed due to the investigation as insinuated by the press.

city harvest office closure

2) When the News First appeared online, this is what it read:

A “breaking news” report by Straits Times said that 
"Seven individuals were detained in a raid at 6.30am on Monday by the CAD. During the raid at their offices, the CAD secured records and accounts as part of the investigation.”

We all know now that CAD did a visit not a raid at the office. But notice in this original Breaking News report, the word DETAINED? hmm… all that changed in three hours. It became ‘assisting police in investigations’.

Well, one can argue that using words like ‘detained’ and ‘raid’ certainly makes it more breaking news than ever. Sadly, plagiarism is on the rise. The original report made its rounds in several news engines. Journalism has lost its integrity. period.

3) The newspapers seemed to imply that there is a veil of secrecy around City Harvest and that is why, there are no further details about the probe.

But let’s put things into perspective.

The CAD and the police started the probe and they are the higher authority on this issue.

If they have no further comments and the police say that “it is inappropriate to comment further at this point because of the ongoing investigation”, clearly, it is not us who holds the veil of secrecy. The only people who can shed light on this matter would be those in higher authorities.

99% of us, members, are happy to just patiently waiting by the sidelines awaiting for the authorities to speak up.

I think for the remaining 1% (which includes the Press), please join us to sit and wait as well…. Speculations won’t get you anywhere.

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