God’s Generals for Kids

As a Christian growing up in the Charismatic Circle, one of my favorite books was God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon. Basically, the book examines the lives of great healing evangelists like Smith Wiggleworth, John G. Lake, Evan Roberts, William Branham, Katherine Kuhlman, Amie McPherson and others. As a Christian, the book is always captivating, as it is interesting to read about how these men and women encountered God, and chose to follow or miss their callings in life.

Gods Generals

I remember how this book was really “Hot” in our Bible School, and for those of us who could not afford the book, we would queue up to borrow the books from our friends.

To whet our appetites even more, the book comes with a video series, where we could watch recorded footages of the evangelistic meetings, where we could witness the healings and miracles. This was in the days of VHS, so there was no YouTube. (Btw, the series can now be watched on YouTube, and you can easily find them online).

It is truly Amazing to see the Power of God at work, and many of us have deep impressions of this book and its videos.

Fast forward to 20 years later, and Roberts Liardon has condensed the series into little booklets, and simplified the language and stories, so that children today can discover the adventures of these God’s Generals.

My wife’s boss blessed her with a few of these books, and Nicole has been carrying the books around. She has been reading it during her morning reading sessions in school, and she has been asking whether I have heard of people like Smith Wigglesworth and Katherine Kuhlman. Her eyes always brighten up, whenever I tell her, that I have heard of them too! 🙂

Just the other day, Nicole was telling her about how Katherine Kuhlman’s mother tortured her and treated her terribly when she was a young girl. Suddenly, I had an idea!

I asked Nicole if she wanted to watch Katherine Kuhlman in the the flesh? Nicole’s eyes brightened, and she said YES!

We searched for her on YouTube, and we found videos of her in Action. Unfortunately, the meetings are a bit too slow for kids, and I could sense the kids getting bored.

Explaining to the kids, that these videos were taken Eons ago, I suggested that we search for some modern healing Evangelists. People who are still alive!

Immediately, the name Benny Hinn came to mind, and as we found the videos and pressed “Play”, both Nicole and Nathan sat down beside me to watch the miracle crusades.

As we saw Benny Hinn praying for the sick, and the ministers. we witnessed the power of God moving…

Nathan went “Wa”‘…”Wa” and “Wa” again, as Benny Hinn Waved his hands, and people got slain in the Holy Spirit!

Nathan looked at me, and asked…Daddy, can you do that too?!?

I laughed in reply…and told him…”That is the power of God at work!”

“Amazing right!”

Nicole then looked at me and reiterated to me that last year, Nathan had an encounter with God too!

Frankly, I have forgotten all about it, and I looked at Nathan and asked him “What did God say to you?”

Being an anxious parent, and wanting him to become like Daddy, I began to suggest to him occupations that he should pursue. I asked, “Did God speak to you and ask you to be a Pastor?”…”Did God ask you to be a preacher?”

Nathan said “No! Jesus came into my room, and we just danced and worshiped together!”

I hugged him, and soon after, I put the kids to sleep.

Alone, God began to speak to me…

When you partner with me to parent your children…”Relax! Stop suggesting the professions that you want for them!

Whether it is to be a Pastor, Doctor or Lawyer! I will help them fulfill their potential in Me!”

I smiled as I learnt a lesson that day!

Parents always find it hard to let go. We want to help our children fulfill their potential and their dreams! However, sometimes we try to make our dreams, their dreams. Just like us choosing the Primary School for our kids! 

We can create a good healthy environment for our kids, but they also need to take their own steps of self-discovery.

Parenting is definitely not an easy journey…it requires Faith every step of the way! 🙂

God's Generals kids


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