Children’s Car Party

The month of February is a very exciting month for the Tay Kids! Not only is it CNY season, but more importantly; it is Nathan’s Birthday! 🙂

Naturally, he was very excited about celebrating his Birthday in School. And from the creative heights of the “Milo Party” for Nicole, we struggled with a theme for Nathan’s Birthday.

However, since he loves car and trains so much, we settled on the theme of “Cars” for his birthday! 🙂

nathan's birthday

Yes…that’s him at the party! An essential decoration for the party was the Party Hat! (As requested by Nathan). Everybody had to have one…even Nicole and Nadine!

party hats

Another request for the party was GAMES! In response to that request, we got some of our friends to come along and help.

Many thanks to Joycelyn and Seow Shi for helping us at the party! 🙂

joyce and ss

The kids were really well-behaved, and their favourite game was just running around and “freezing” when the music stopped! 🙂

mad house

Clearly, Nathan loves the game too!

nathan running

The kids were also so happy, when they each got their “door gift” for coming to the party!

door git1

door gift


The kids also loved their sandwiches and cakes from Pat’s Pastry.

pat's pastry

food collage

No party would be complete without the Birthday cake!

birthday cake

Every year, we get Pat’s Pastry to design the background, and we put the kid’s favourite toy on the cake. This makes considerable cost savings as compared to have a $200 3D cake! 🙂

top view of cake

Nathan really loved his cake 🙂

looking at cake

blowing cake

and so did all his friends!

we love cake


Many thanks to everyone for making the party possible…Especially to all our friends and teachers like Miss Mayce, Miss Jessica, Jiang Lao Shi! 🙂

nathan's class

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