Gaston Luga : Swedish Backpack with an Attitude

Gaston Luga is a new addition to the backpack scene in Singapore. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, these everyday backpacks offer style with vogue attitude to an essential commuter market. Everyday travel on the train means that we are always looking for backpacks which are regularly sized and versatile enough for our notebooks and office gear … Does Gaston Luga fit the bill? 

gaston luga

My Gaston Luga Backpack Experience

Being new and alien to their range, we hopped on over to the Gaston Luga website and we were pleasantly surprised with their range. Combining function and style, their designers really do an awesome job in bringing a special Swedish Voice to their chic design.

We scrolled through their website, and being a guy, I chose a backpack from their men’s range. 

As I wanted a bag that I could bring to work and as well as for my travels, I chose a backpack which was the biggest in their range. With these criterion in mind,  I opted for the Pråper.  

Ordering it online from Gaston Luga, I waited in hopeful excited anticipation for my bag …. and boy, I was not disappointed, as I unboxed my new bag!  

gaston luga backpack

Able to fit a 15 inch laptop, the Pråper’s padded inner laptop compartment and roomy interior gives me enough space for my daily travels. The bag also contains a hidden outer pocket to store one’s valuables such as your passport, cash or your name card. With the backpack on your shoulder, the access pocket is hidden from view and from the unfriendly hands of pickpockets.  

Internally, they are added small pockets within the bag to drop in thumb drives and pens. These additional pockets are really useful, as throughout the day, one will have little slips of papers, cards and other small miscellaneous items that one needs easy access to. With easy access to these pockets, the small items don’t get lost and prove to be a life-saver.

Besides the combination of chic colors and designs to choose from, more rugged individuals will be glad to know that Gaston Luga uses strong, resistant fabrics such as cotton canvas to construct their bags. Trimmed with rugged metallic adjustable hooks, they provide extra-secure closure on top of their avant garde design.  

For customers who choose leather backpacks, Gaston Luga backpacks are made from vegan leather which brings a high quality feel to your office attire. Other details that are worth a mention are the added unique details like a concealed passport pocket and luggage tags. 

I showed the backpack to the kids and the kids loved it. My teenager said it increased my cool factor up a notch and she was willing to model for me with the backpack as well! 🙂

Overall, Gaston Luga offers something different to the discerning commuter. Combining elements of Scandinavian minimalism like smart storage and the use of long-lasting materials. In simple terms, Gaston Luga offers  a collection of backpacks that are perfect for any occasion.

Do drop by the Gaston Luga website for yourself and they offer free delivery and free returns with a no questions asked policy.

Do include our Special Code: EDUNLOADED for a 15% discount off retail prices. 

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