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This week, I took the family for an “Eye-Opening” trip to Resorts World Sentosa.

universal studios singapore

Everyone is Singapore is “pumped up” for the Integrated Resorts and all of us are waiting for the Official Opening.

Rumours have been going round that the Casino will be opening up for business this Chinese New Year.


With many locals willing to try their luck at the tables, the Casino will definitely be a money-making venture!

Entry Prices are included in the picture below:

resort worlde

Looks like before you hit the tables, you will be losing money already 🙂

I know everyone has also been talking about the new boutiques that are setting up shop there. Well, you got to go early, as the shops close at 7pm.

Most of the shops are still not completed!


Contractors and technicians rushing to finish their jobs are a common sight.

Check out these contractors outside one of those expensive watch shops.

The carpet is so thick and expensive, that they have to take off their shoes and put a “cling wrap” on it, as they go about their business. Looks like I wont be able to afford anything here! 🙁


And of course, here we have the shop that is making a lot of “waves” in the local news. Singapore’s very 1st Victoria’s Secret!


Frankly, I don’t see the fuss, but as you know…We are a small island, and it does not take a lot to get the Newspapers excited! 🙂

Before I left, I also took a picture of  “Crockfords Tower”. This hotel is specially reserved for the “High Rolling” patrons of the Casino, and commoners like us are not allowed entry.


Expect All the shops to be functioning when the Casino opens in a few days’ time!

We are of course looking forward to the Universal Studios Theme Park!

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