Getting his TaeKwonDo Black Belt!

Nathan has finally got his TaeKwonDo Black Belt! Getting our boy to experience TaeKwonDo for kids, was something which we embarked on 3 years ago. He started learning TaeKwonDo in November 2013 when he was 6 years old, and he has just been awarded his Junior Black Belt! It’s a big milestone for him, and he was definitely very excited about receiving his belt! 🙂

So much has changed since he started his lessons at Kyung Hee TaeKwonDo at Beauty World. Not only has our son grown, but the school as well! It now has got 2 Centres, with one in Bukit Timah and the other in Jurong East.  The Beauty world school now has got a MRT station right at the door-step, which our son maximises with the helper. Yes! Definitely a life saver, as it cuts down the travelling time to classes!

Looking back, the TaeKwonDo journey has certainly been eventful for us!

kyung hee taekwondo

We remember going to numerous TaeKwonDo schools, to find out how they conducted their lessons, and also deciding between the different martial arts.  We had to decide between Aikido, Karate, Judo, or maybe just spending the money on soccer and other sports (Our decision process)  Pricing is always an important factor, as the lessons do cost money.

We remember watching him lug his big TaeKwonDo bag off to class, and his uniform flopping like drapes, as we got him a uniform that he could grow into. The good news is that he has grown, and he is definitely due for a uniform change.

Well! Today even as he struts around the dojo in his Junior Black Belt, we have glad that he has made it! And I believe that we will continue to send him for classes, as there are still more levels for him to master. Beyond the different stages, we are glad that Nathan is enjoying the classes, as most kids do need the exercise! 🙂

kyung hee taekwondo 1


kyunghee taekwondo pattern

Any regrets sending him for TaeKwonDo? 

I think that it is important for kids to pick up some essential life skills. Therefore, money spent on spent on activities like Swimming is important. After all, we are an Island Nation that is surrounded by an ocean and many swimming pools.  As the kids have learnt swimming, we are always glad for them to pick up another sporting activity. Whether it is soccer, basketball or tennis, we are just happy for them to get outside the house.  Therefore, we have no regrets that he is exercising, and glad that he enjoys his classes!

In fact, Nathan wants to join the TaeKwonDo demonstration team, where the students fly through the air, and break wooden boards. However, we are still putting that decision on hold…Not because we are afraid of him breaking something, other than his bones…but it is more a costing issue…As it means that we need to pay for one more additional lesson per week….Well, that is the price of parenting, and we can’t eat every piece of the pie!

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