Ed Unloaded has expanded!

Yes! You have heard it right! Ed Unloaded has expanded it’s team of writers! With our busy schedules, and the volume of assignments coming in, we have not been able to write and handle the various engagements. It’s time for the Ed Unloaded family to grow! 🙂

With the Nicole, Nathan and Nadine, saying goodbye to their toddler years, both Ed Unloaded and Mum’s the Word, are currently tackling different Parenting issues. We have long given away our milk bottlers and baby strollers, and we definitely don’t miss those days of diapers and poo! 🙂

However, our New Writers are still discovering these issues, and with them added to our stable, we will definitely be better equipped to handle more varied parenting issues. From newborns to tweens , we will therefore be able to tackle Parenting issues on a wider spectrum.

It is therefore, with great pleasure that we introduce our new writers, to our readers.


emily ong

  • Emily Ong

Currently working in the marketing department of a MNC, she is a proud mother of a pair of twins.  Although she has hardly touched coffee all her life, things changed when she became a mother! She is happily married to her husband Joseph.

Personal mantra in life: Quiet Confidence.


  • Ee Zhen Ying

Married to her Bestest Best Friend Calvin, Zhen Ying is a mother of 2.  She can’t say no to coffee, fries and dark chocolate and is often sleep-deprived (due to too many korean dramas). Working as a Pastoral worker, she loves God and loves people. She also writes at ellybunny.wordpress.com

Hope that all our readers will enjoy the various issues and activities, that our new writers will be covering. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to let us know.

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