Children Birthday Cake

We just celebrated Nathan’s Birthday and Nathan thoroughly enjoyed his day. One of the headaches of any day, is the design of a children Birthday cake.

On that day, Mummy had a conversation with him.

Mummy: What do you want for your Birthday?

Nathan: Cake!

birthday cake

Mummy: Yes, you will have a cake. What else do you want?


Nathan: Candle!

Mummy: haha… yes, there’ll be candles. What else do you want mummy and daddy to buy for you?

plastic knifes

Nathan: Knife!

Mummy: ?!?!?!? That’s all? Anything else?

Nathan: Nope!

This was when Daddy have to open up his mind and ask him to ask for more things!

christmas presents

Daddy: Nathan! No Birthday will be complete without Presents! You have to ask for Presents when you celebrate your birthday! Do u want Presents?

Nathan: RIGHT! (He can’t tell when to say Yes or Right!)

Isn’t Life kind of like that? Sometimes we think we know a lot and we stop asking for more!

But we need someone bigger, to come along, and Open up our minds to help us to believe and ask for more.

I guess from now on, Nathan is going to ask for MORE, when he celebrates his birthday!

Here are some pictures of him celebrating his BIG DAY!




blow candle



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