Subaru Car Challenge

Mediacorp Subaru challenge is back! This time round, the Subaru car comes with a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), which means that the grand prize of a Subaru XV 1.6 I-S, just went up in value.  With Competitors given only a 5-minute break once every six hours – at 7pm, 1am, 7am and 1pm, this competition definitely pushes the body beyond normal limits.

The Subaru Challenge has a tinge of nostalgia for us, as when the kids were young, we had our own Subaru Challenge at home! Check out my Subaru kids, and the Subaru post here.  subaru kids

Time flies, and this time round, the Subaru challenge is back! The challenge will see 400 participants – 320 from Singapore and 80 from across the region – putting their palms on Subaru cars to see who is the last man or last woman standing.

2015 is special, as we have vested interest in this year’s competition! Mummy’s good friend signed up for the competition, and we brought the kids down to give her some moral support.  Imagine not being able to go to the toilet for 6 hours, and not getting sleep for 80 hours…I think I won’t even last for a day. Our friend had a detailed strategy on how to win, and she even got a good “spot”, as she had her hands placed on the bonnet. Unfortunately, after a few sleepless nights, she was beginning to hallucinate and had to quit. In total, she lasted for 63 hours! If you are looking for a first-hand account of the competition, check out our friend’s Blog.

Back to our kids…To keep up with our family milestones, we organized our own Subaru challenge again. After watching Mummy’s friend in action…there was a new level of seriousness in the kids. Check out the kids, before we started the competition. They were doing warm-ups! 🙂

subaru warmups

subaru playing field

Next, the kids traced out their palms, and created the playing field on our historic yellow ikea table. And then we were ready to Go!

subaru competition

subaru go

Haha. Check out Nadine! Looks like she is half dead already…

subaru challenge

Haha! If you are asking…the kids lasted 20 minutes.

We even did a 2 minutes break…for them to go to the toilet and get a water break. It was hilarious, to just watch them running around the house. We did a video recording and the video was hilarious… the kids will definitely enjoy watching it a few years later. (Unfortunately, I can’t post the video, as there is too much private information revealed)

However, if you are looking for a cheap weekend activity to do with the kids, maybe you should try your own Subaru challenge as well! 🙂 It will definitely bring a smile to your face! 🙂

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