Rising Hospital Cost – To deliver a baby

My apologies for not updating my blog as frequently, as my exams are next week, and I have got quite a lot of readings to do in the next few days.

Just recently though, I received confirmation of my final hospital bill. Trust me, it is not exactly exciting news.


As you can see (right at the bottom of the graphic), The total bill for Nadine is:


I know, you are probably saying that maybe I can pay by CPF (Social Security). However, the government only allows you to use up to $1800.

So in the end, I had to fork out $1691.27 in cash.

This is of course excluding the package that we had to pay to our gynecologist for his regular consultations. The Package costs about $$500 (not including medication). (Note: The clinic only allowed package deals after 5 months into pregnancy. Prior that, every monthly visit costs about $150)

Now for the Good News:

The great news is that our families, church leaders, friends & members, have really stepped forward during this time to bless the family.

  1. My wife’s colleagues blessed her with a truckload of diapers.
  2. My Father gave me $500 for Nadine
  3. My Mum blessed us $2000 for the Confinement Lady
  4. My in-laws paid for my wife’s massage lady
  5. Friends from church blessed us with more that $1500
  6. Anonymous donor blessed us with a love offering of $1000

So overall, we have been blessed ‘out of our socks’ and we really want to thank our family and friends for all your love during this season!

And most of all, we want to thank God again, for Nadine – she is a wonderful addition to our family.

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