Canon Selphy Connections Blog Contest – I Won!!!

Thank you for all your votes!!!

canon selphy cover

It is now official – ED Unloaded has won the Canon Selphy Connections Competition

selphy connections results

Many Thanks for all your Votes as now I am a proud owner of a Canon Ixus 95 and Canon Seply CP780 Photo Printer.

You can check out my entry for the Canon Competition here!

All you readers really made a difference, and your confidence in me is a real blessing! 🙂

Frankly, I wasn’t very sure that I would win, as all the entries from my competitors were very good as well. I particularly liked the one by Andy Storm, as I think he put a lot of hard work into his graphics! 😛

Also..Many thanks to OMY for giving me a chance to join this contest. IMG_0383

I got to meet the manager for OMY at the photo shoot, and he even has a blog as well! How cool is that!

Here’s a picture with me and his partner.

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